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Co-GM Potential of Pathfinder Savage Worlds Adventures

I recently purchased Savage Worlds Pathfinder. Savage Worlds has some drawbacks but with some house rules to speed things up and limiting NPC explosions so you aren’t so apt to get one-shot-killed, it can be a lot of fun if you’re in the mood for a miniatures-focused game.

I do like narrative games (PbtA, Fate) but I also like crunchy games with elaborate set pieces and minis and terrain as well. Pathfinder games due that in spades, usually having their amazing flip-mats available for any set-piece combat scene.

Pinnacle Inc. is converting the Pathfinder Adventure Paths (APs) over to Savage Worlds. Rise of the Runelords is out, Curse of the Crimson Throne is out in a couple of months, and other APs are on the way for Savage Worlds.

What has really cool potential with Savage Worlds Pathfinder APs is that the Savage Worlds format has the campaign split into six 80 to 96-page comic-book-size paperback books. Which would REALLY be an amazing format for a co-GM’d campaign. Each co-GM could run one 80 to 96 page book, and then another co-GM could take on the next book.

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  1. Chris

    I recently did the same. I run a zombie apocalypse game called war of the dead with Swade. The one thing I liked about SW pathfinder is ALL the SWADE rules are included in it, but modified to pathfinder. I worry about how magic will work. I have not ran it yet as I’m beholden to old school essentials for fantasy intermixed with torchbearer. I will be interested in your take.

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