Katrina Middelburg-Creswell, a Middle School teacher managing a 40 member student RPG club, is featured on http://www.roleplayingtips.com where she showcases best practices she’s learned in growing her games club.

The handouts includes a club survey, GM cards, a Mini-Con schedule and club permission slips. The in-depth article contain great advice for any sort of organized game play!

Katrina writes:

“I didn’t realize what I was starting the day I sat down behind my desk to GM those four 7th grade students. Today, five years later, our RPG Club has three faculty advisors, and both Middle and High School students playing. Students carrying dice bags and Player’s Handbooks have become a normal sight in the hallways. We average between 30-40 members each year, have our own website, mini-library of gaming materials, and a page in the yearbook. One parent GM gleefully put it this way: “We’re bigger than the basketball team!” Along the way I’ve learned a few lessons about setting up not just one gaming group, but an entire club, with 4 or more different campaigns going on at once.”

Read the full article and download the handouts at  http://www.roleplayingtips.com.