After much traveling, the party finds what they believe to be the source of the recent undead bear problem for Evingard.  It’s a tall bone spire surrounded by several smaller altar looking things in the middle of a large crater.  Several undead bears seem to be stuck in the crater and through some clever use of logs and boulders the part dispatches a few before they begin a crazy skiing attack.  All goes in there favor and they manage to kill the bears with little risk.  The bears being dealt with, the part is able to focus on the spire.
They determine the spire is belongs to Hel and know it must be removed.  The bone spire has several alcoves and each has an item in it.  Each altar has several items on it and the party decide that these items work like keys for the spire.  They conclude that the right combination could very well destroy or remove the altar and stop the problem.  However, the wrong combination could possibly lead to even worse troubles for the area.  Eventually, they find the right combo and barely escape the bit before the bone spire explodes.  Elated over their success, they head back to the hunting lodge to rub it in Grimm’s nose.
Arriving at the lodge, they are surprised to see that Grimm is very impressed and throws a large celebration of drinking, wenching, and dining.  A large bar fight breaks out in the middle of it, but no serious injuries were had and all were friends again the next morning.  Still drunk on success(and some ale), they rush off to speak with Volstag, the Einharjar that’s come to town.
Discovering he and the Son of Muspel are in Evingard looking for Fafnir’s Treasure, they agree to help in the hopes of preventing the inevitable confrontation that will occur between them.  If the two immortals were to cross paths and fight it out, little of Evingard would likely survive.  Through some good fortune and tactics, they find a short cut to the treasure and manage to defeat it’s guardians.  As promised, Volstag allows the party to keep some of the usable items from the treasure horde and then returns to Asgard.

Sigurd’s Account

Episode 2 is an exciting Saga of life after death, drinking to the point you wish you were dead and recovering a legendary treasure of “Farnir”
The Saga is split into 3 major sections….  Plus the usual “LIST” for the final section..
Bear Hunt, the Weapon of Hell and a Message from Beyond
Terrible undead bears must be destroyed, we wander for what seems like days to finally find a strange skull tower with 3 smaller alters with alcoves.  It is located in a deep valley and we see large undead bears around the massive tower.  We know in our bones this must be the unclean source of undead and decay…    We must destroy this weapon of hell!!!
In our Viking way, we get the idea to roll large boulders and logs down the massive snow slop to strike the 4 undead bears below.  We are able to damage or destroy 2 of the bears…  Next in true Viking form we decide to ski down to slay the undead that plague’s the land.  So we yell and ski down, its a race to the bottom the first Viking to hit a bear will have glory this day.. We ski down and destroy the undead bears..  Vikings 4 – BEARS 0….
The Vikings examine the strange massive object.   Sigurd communes with the object and enters “Hell’s domain”, while there he encounters Ingvar (Thorvald’s “The undertaker’s” wife).  She claims “There is hope”.  We realize this device is causing the country side to decay and the bears to arise from the dead.  It must be stopped.  There is a sequence of objects that must be placed in the alter/alcoves to create effects with the alter.  We realize these effects may be good or bad….

So the valiant Sigurd, who has lived a good long life, nobly stays behind to test and find a sequence to destroy this “weapon of Hell” – weapon of the gods.  As Sigurd succeeds with the right sequence calling on the power of the fire god.  Fire rains down and destroys the device, Sigurd barely escapes, running with his aged legsOnce at the top of the hill, Sigurd tells his friend Thorvold of the encounter with Ingvar and the hope she professes.

Sigurd vows to do everything in his power to help Thorvold and Ingvar to be together again.

Our adventures head back to town to tell the tail of the destruction of the weapon of hell and the defeate of NOT 1 Undead Bear but 6…  Vikings 6 – BEARS 0…  Go VIKINGS!!!
ǫlðr Ale-Party at “Grimm the Hunter”
Our adventures arrive back to party at the home of “Grimm” the Hunter in his langhús (Viking Longhouse).  He is a great host and offers his ale and fine stout drinks.  We play Viking party games and get to “Oath, Boast and Toast”.  As any good Viking Ale-Party does about 2 hours into the festivities breaks out a drunken brawl…  Sigurd takes this opportunity to exit, while the younger and more attractive men are fighting,  amidst the chaos this old wise man grabs a willing lovely young lass to feel the warmth of a woman….In the morning, one of our party is still dealing with the effects of the powerful drink we have consumed.  But as good Vikings we press on…
Farnir’s Treasure
Our group of sturdy Vikings agree to find out why this immortals are in the town.  We approach “Volstag” the immortal of the “Einherjar” (and not Aud the Son of Muspelheim)..   Volstag claims he has come to locate the “Farnir’s treasure” and specifically the ring of “Andvarinaui” if we help him there may not be a cataclysmic battle that could destroy the town between he and Aud.
He tells us of the treasure that a dwarf was swindled by the gods (Odin and Loki gave the ring to the King of the Dvergar “dwarves”)  Then it was taken from him and a great curse was placed on the ring by the dwarf.  Our adventures ventured to the location where “Volstag” told us..  We followed the river down the path near the barrows.  We faced vile water sprits to gain entry to the treasure chamber.   We uncovered the ring “Andvarinaui” and headed the warning of “Volstag” not to touch it our the curse we be on us as well..
We return to “Volstag” victorious and claimed two swords (Heart Seeker, Hrotti), the helm of terror and the golden chainmail.  Sigurd is honored to keep the helm of terror…
And so our adventures continue…   It also seems Sigurd now has a touch of fire in his soul..  It may have been granted by the fire god from his destruction of the hell weapon..  He also improved his knowledge of Arcana by studying these new magical objects.

LIST OBJECTIVE: WHO WE CAN FIGHT TO HAVE A HEROIC DEATHMERCHANT/MAGNUS & HIS GUARDS (Exploiting the Weak and harvesting wealth from their sorrow)
CANIBALL MINERS (For Eating People)Candidates for future consideration……  But NOT currently on the list…  BUT POSSIBLE!!!
Godi of Odin (Why is he lying..)
Immortals (Not ready to fight them yet, It might be less than a heroic death)…
Bola the confused (is she an agent of Loki?  What is she all about?  Intrigued, but not ready to add her to the list)

Removed from the list…
OUR NEW BEST FRIEND – GRIM THE HUNTER (Can throw one heck of an Ale Party)
DEFEATED- UNDEAD BEARS (Killing the Innocent, now destroyed by our heros)
WILLING TO GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE –  PEI WEI (Late food order over 1 hour late, gave food to wrong people, nice wife had to wait, starving gamers)