My favorite VTT is It recently added an integration so that you can use dice from I will soon be running some Middle-earth games, and the dice from The One Ring aren’t built in to Owlbear, so I built several custom dice sets that are compatible with The One Ring. I also created some normal polyhedral dice.

Interested in using them? Create a free account on and then click on the links below to preview and add these custom dice to your account.

Middle-earth Dice for The One Ring

d20 Dice for Other RPGs

Additional Details

Screenshots below show what each of the dice sets looks like.

Check out the Owlbear blog on how to use DDDice with Owlbear. Then: (1) Login to each game, creating a free account the 1st time you use it, then (2) login to Owlbear using the same browser. Use either Chrome or Firefox, the Safari DDDice+Owlbear integration seems buggy.