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Top Stuff I Want To Run Someday (Early 2024 Edition)

In a traditional dating back ten years, I like to inventory the ‘games I’m itching to run someday’. This particular list focuses on settings that have robust and concise commercial campaign adventures. I have dozens of settings I’d love to run someday, but the list I picked all have campaigns which provide 2-4 pages of adventure text for each session, which will make it easier to run. The 20-30 page of adventure text for each session (the more typical format for D&D adventures) is not my preference, I find the shorter stuff easier to prep for and easier to run.

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Custom Dice for Owlbear Rodeo and DDDice

My favorite VTT is It recently added an integration so that you can use dice from I will soon be running some Middle-earth games, and the dice from The One Ring aren’t built in to Owlbear, so I built several custom dice sets that are compatible with The One Ring. I also created some normal polyhedral dice.

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