Our colonists studied the mysteries of the Towers, trying to find a way to travel from point to point without allowing others to do the same. Eventually, the party went through the portal of the first tower, and came upon a large snake and a Kobold Shaman controlling that snake. The party battled, concetrating on the Shaman. Once the Shaman was defeated, the large snake became torpid and nuetral, and the party was able to navigate around it. Loud noises downstairs suggested the rest of the kobolds were bracing for a fight. Instead, the party simply figured out the placement stones of the Tower, and teleported to the third tower. Upon their arrival, a Clockwork Mymidion detached from the wall and defending the Tower. With an annoying metallic “Enemy” uttered everytime it fought one of the party members, a close fought battle went the party’s way. Defeated and deactivated, the party investigated the clockwork device. Part machine, party creature, the Clockwork device gave up a secret. That was, through its visor, the party could see that the Tower and a road to the south sat upon, and were energized, by electric blue Ley Lines. These Ley Lines were enfused by magical power, which the party decided to draw upon. As the tower was invested with a large kobold host (guarding the nearby Kobold King’s Demesne), the party used Calem’s magic missile wand to blow open the large double stone doors leading into the demesne (also taking out several kobold guards). Quickly recharging the wand on the Clockwork device’s wall charge, the party then rushed the now opened passge into the Demesne. After a battle with the remaining Kobold Guards, the party found themselves locked out from an interior door into the Demesne. But they had learned some sectrets about the Towers, and the Ley Lines. The New World seemed very old indeed, with questions answered only leading to more questions. Who layed the ley lines? What was their purpose. Who maintains them now?