Minor updates on my last Top Stuff I Want To Run Someday post.

Since my last post, I’ve stumbled across Apes Victorious, a Planet of the Apes-style game that uses B/X D&D rules. I might run it someday as-is or maybe convert the rules over to Fate or Traveller. For adventures, I’d use a combination of hex-crawl, procedurally generated encounters mixed with Mutant Crawl Classic adventures (which would be placed in the Forbidden Zone).

I also did some research on Supers games. Some folks like Marvel better, and others prefer DC. It’s also likely I’d use a VTT such as Owlbear Rodeo, in which case having color maps is a plus. With that in mind, I looked into Mutants and Masterminds adventures, of which there are dozens and usually include full-color maps. Their Emerald City setting looks like the perfect amount of detail for a setting, but not so much so as to be overwhelming.

I also found a series of Campaigns Beyond posts where someone has compiled hex regions of unexplored space with dozens of free Mission Brief one-page adventures. This is a perfect tool for an easy-to-run campaign. Given that, I’ll add Star Trek back to the list, since, truth be told, that is the #1 RPG I’d love to run.

So with that in mind, here are my top campaigns I’d love to run someday which also have short-prep, easy-to-run adventure support:

  1. Star Trek (Sci Fi) — Fate RPG (using Campaigns Beyond & Mission Brief adventures from Modiphius)
  2. 50 Fathoms (Pirates of the Caribbean Fantasy Water World) — Fate RPG (using the 50 Fathoms adventures from Pinnacle)
  3. Solomon Kane (1600’s Fantasy/Horror/Monster-Hunters) — Fate RPG (using the Solomon Kane adventures from Pinnacle)
  4. Emerald City Superheroes (Super Heroes) — Fate or 24XX (using the M&M adventures from Green Ronin)
  5. Apes Victorious (Post-Apocalyptic) — B/X D&D, Traveller, or Fate (using my own hex crawl adventures plus MCC adventures)
  6. Mines of Moria (Fantasy/Middle-earth) — TOR (using the upcoming Mines of Moria campaign)
  7. Pendragon (Fantasy Medieval/Game-of-Thrones vibe) — Pendragon RPG (using the Great Pendragon campaign)

Thinking about the preferences of my Thursday and Saturday groups, that puts me at having these as the three top campaigns for the Thursday Night group:

  1. Star Trek (Sci Fi) — Fate RPG
  2. Apes Victorious (Post-Apocalyptic) — B/X D&D, Traveller, or Fate
  3. Pendragon (Fantasy Medieval/Game-of-Thrones vibe) — Pendragon RPG
  4. Emerald City Superheroes (Super Heroes) — Fate or 24XX

And these as the top campaign options for my Saturday group:

  1. Middle-earth / Mines of Moria (awaiting publication) — TOR
  2. Pendragon (awaiting publication) — Pendragon RPG
  3. Emerald City Superheroes (Super Heroes) — Fate or 24XX

Why do I catalog future campaign ideas in such detail? Well, in some cases, it let’s me do advance prep in running demos of new games at conventions or working on house rules or conversions. Given all the above, my as-time-permits priorities are:

  1. B/X D&D — Create pregens for one-shot games I plan to run. I’ll eventually use these pregens for an organized play program I hope to start.
  2. 24XX — Finish my Blake’s 7 conversion of my custom 24XX rules for NTRPGCon.
  3. Fate RPG — Compile all the Fate Condensed rules and my house rules, finishing my Star Trek, 50 Fathoms, and Emerald City Superheroes conversions. 50 Fathoms is not at the top of my list, but finishing my conversion as a tool for someone else in my Thursday Night Group would still be helpful.
  4. Traveller — Create an Apes Victorious conversion, and edit my hex crawl adventure seeds.
  5. Pendragon — Buy and read the Player’s Guide once released in April; maybe run a Pendragon game at NTRPG Con.
  6. The One Ring — Review the Mines of Moria campaign once it is released.