(A cut-scene that occurs immediately after Session 25)

In the pre-dawn hours of the battle of Agincourt, flames consume the tattered pavilion of the Duke of Bar. Shocked French guards hazard the flames to rescue the beheaded Duke’s body, ignoring the hapless screams of the Duke’s ‘demon’. Gone are the interlopers who entered the tent then disappeared, abandoning the tent, and the kobold inside, to the flames.

Inside the wood shed, a metal cage grows heats and burns the kobold shaman inside. He writhes and shouts curses in French. The immolated kobold with one hand clutches a lump on his chest beneath his tunic, lit orange by rippling, consuming fires. With his other hand, the dying creature pulls a vial from a hidden pouch and unstoppers it with a thumb. He consumes the fluid therein. His face is a rictus of horror as his body jerks in unnatural spasms.

The kobold’s agonized shouts transform into a scream of triumph. A burst of smoke, and the cage, still aflame from the collapsing timbers around it, is now empty, the flaming kobold’s body gone. A disembodied, maniacal cackle rolls over the French camp like a gathering thunder.

The French soldiers who witnessed these chilling events die within hours, the shafts of English arrows peppering their bodies.