Redmark Date: Third Age—April 21, 1331

Quintos, Marcus, and Lundie notice that they have a second shadow. Ghost Dancer and Ivamel quickly deduce that the three weapons from within the mountain are now causing a an extra shadow to be cast.

Lundie casts Protection from Evil on himself which causes pain for Whelm (the cursed warhammer).

Trying to deduce more about these three cursed weapons Lundie uses a gift of Moradin, Divine Sense, and finds out that the weapons are each inhabited by a Bahl Mimar (a fallen angel).

Trying his best to free the group from these items; Lundie takes out a vial of holy water, creates a circle with it and casts Magic Circle hoping to kep the fiends inside the circle. As Lundie, Quintos, and Marcus try to leave the circle, they cannot let loose of the weapons and keep them trapped within.

Once Magic Circle fails, Ghost Dancer has the idea to ask Fire Willow if she might know anything about the Bahl Mimar. Fire Willow proceeds to give a short dissertation on the Bahl Mimar to the group. They learn that the three weapons are imbued with the spirit of three fallen sisters. Black Razer is inhabited by Mallfesta, Whelm is inhabited by Zullfesta, and Wave is inhabited by Trifesta.

Fire Willow confirms that the weapons need to be taken to the temple outside of Mystkar which will change the weapons back into Bahl Minari. Fire Willow says this should cause the weapons to turn back into Bahl Minri and allow for them to be defeated … in theory.

You’ve seen one temple, you’ve seen them all

When the group enters the temple they find runes on the floor. Ivamel remembers that these runes match those from the portal in the center of the lava filled room on the island of Vrindensia.

The group enters the runes together and are transported to a room with a fire ceiling and obsidian walls. Three women, one in each corner, are in the room; the group in the fourth corner. In the middle of the room in a pile is all of the equipment of the party.

Once the battle ensues one of the sisters cast Power Word Kill on Ghost Dancer and his body falls to the floor below, laying among many other skeletons.

Having noticed that Quintos’s copy of the Vulgate was glowing, Lundie reads from it and this seems to have an ill-effect on the three sisters.

Quintos & Ivamel are able to kill Zullfesta.

Ivamel then becomes a blinding flurry of steel and slays the second sister Malfesta.

Once Malfesta is slain, the final sister Trifesta, teleports away; taking the shards of her sisters with her.

Loot Report

  • Dwarven Thrower
  • A SWORD – A sword that BLACK RAZER turned into
  • A TRIDENT – A trident Wave turned into