I’ve seen people use what some dub ‘spotlight’ cards in the past. This interesting blog post give an example spotlight card for the Cypher System (as well as other RPGs). The author writes:

This is the Cypher System card. I have another question to myself: Has the PC had a GMI (Game Master Intrusion) yet? I’m talking a GM Intrustion that gives them experience points. The card helps me remember. GM Instrusions are fun, and players love the XP that comes with them.

Sample Spotlight Card

Sample Spotlight Card

Interesting idea. If I run Cypher System for a longer term campaign I might craft a similar card for this. For narrative games like Cypher System, Fate, and Cortex Plus, I like to use 4×6″ notecards which I print out 4×6″ index cards in a photo printer tray on my printer. Notecards are great when you don’t have a GM screen, don’t have elaborate battlegrids and maps like you do in a miniatures oriented game, and you let games emerge driven by players. Another possibility is making an 8.5×11″ sheet of these cards — probably 6 or 8 to a page depending on your group size.

I think Cypher System would be a great fit for this sort of notecard / cheat sheet technique 🙂