Game Schedule

Here’s a weekly roundup of upcoming games listed on the Dicehaven Google Calendar. Look for further details and RSVPs from your respective GMs.

  • Texicon — Thursday, June 23 to Sunday, June 26 (see; Robert, Jeff & Mason and maybe others will attend at least one day)
  • Gaslight Heroes — Thursday, June 23 6:30pm (Stan’s House)
  • Bonus Game (Imperium One-Shot) — Thursday, June 30 (Stan’s House)
  • 50 Fathoms — Saturday, July 2 6:30pm (Stan’s House)

Imperial Assault

Star Wars: Imperial Assault won ‘best board game’ and ‘Origins Fan Favorite’ awards at this year’s Origins convention.

Sci-Fi One-Shot Description: “Footsteps in the Dark”

alien-planet-wallpapers-hd-2-0-s-307x512“You were on your way to investigate an alert from an unmanned survey station in the outback when your transport was shot down by energy weapon fire. Now, stranded on an alien planet with nothing but their wits and the will to survive, a group of desperate heroes find themselves in a dangerous game with a voracious pack of proud hunters.”

This is the conclusion (of sorts) of a The Last Parsec one-shot I ran many months ago. We’ll have all-new characters using the Imperium rules. Time permitting, the story will segue into an epic space battle that we’ll run using miniatures.

Particular house rules we’ll be looking to test are:

  • Armor that soaks variable damage (1d6-1, etc.)
  • Hit Location rules
  • Using fixed DEX score for initiative
  • Revised Starship Miniatures rules