Fun at Brigandy Bay



  • Mordecai: Human Air Mage Puritan from Earth
  • Liam: Human Shipmaster from Earth
  • Barchus: Scurillian merchant and Super native
  • Daxson: Doreen treasure diver native
  • Crow: Atani sharpshooter native
  • Rodrigo: Human priest and water Mage from Earth

Date: 3-28-14

XP: 2


The crew set sail for Brigandy Bay and made good time with only one Razor Wing attack on their journey which was quickly dealt with.

After arrival, the crew set about looking for work and repairing their ship. While looking for work the crew met Sarick the scurillian black market trader and information broker. He took a liking to the crew, particularly Brachus, and managed to get them an opium smuggling job to Azy Cay.

Meanwhile Father Rodrigo set up a soup kitchen and healing center in the middle of town. This surprisingly earned the liking of some of the locals but drew some friction from the local street gang the Brigandy Bay Wharf Snakes.

Crow spent some time scouting the docks for an easy vessel to “acquire” and through his aerial acrobatics earned the trust of a recently arrived pirate crew. He watched their movements and security while pretending to want to join their crew as a sharpshooter and border.

While in the The Black Queen waiting for Sarick; Daxson and Liam ran across a girl named Annie Mason who was forced into working as a prostitute at the Black Queen. She offered money if they could secure her freedom.

Once the smuggling operation was solidified, the ship repaired and stocked with provisions, the crew decided they would help Annie. To create a distraction Annie smashed Father Rodrigo over the head with a mug of ale and accused him of “touching her without paying”. This lead to an altercation with the bouncers and kicked off a bar fight. In the confusion Annie slipped away and the rest of the crew were able to slip out after a few well placed bribes.

While sailing to Azy Cay their ship crossed paths with dingy adrift with an unconscious sailor aboard. The crew took the sailor aboard and delivered their goods to Azy herself and were paid handsomely for their trouble.


Thoughts from the Crew

Brachus :

Saricks. Now that was a name that Brachus hadn’t heard in a long time. Brachus would be lying if he said that he “knew” Saricks, after all, Scurillians don’t really “know” anybody… they more… tolerate them. Even by Scurillian standards, Saricks had a reputation for being unpleasant, even to his own kind. It was unsurprising that Brachus would find Saricks in a place like Brigandy Bay.

Brachus didn’t know much about Saricks, but he knew about the scar. He had seen it once before, and the thought of it made him shudder. A scar that deep, to withstand years… maybe decades… of molting cycles would have almost surely have been fatal. Brachus had heard rumors that it was only through some mix of magic and religious ritual that had kept him alive. Maybe keeping the mysterious water priest around wasn’t such a bad idea. Brachus would make a note to make sure Fr. Rodrigo s shares were paid out in a timely fashion.
What really intrigued Brachus the most about Saricks was that if anybody might have information regarding the lost goods from “FSIE Company’s” final trade run, it would be him. Brachus was very interested in establishing a business relationship with this shady Scurillian.

From Brachus’ travel log:

Crow may be the death of me… Crow may be the death of us all. This rag-tag group of “sailors”, with one 7 day voyage in a crippled skiff, is going commandeer a frigate and sail the high seas? This kid is going to get us all killed.

Fortunately, I was able to convince the rest of the group that we needed to hear out Saricks about his offer. For all of our sakes, I hope this offer is worthwhile, I am not interested in becoming a pirate… even with the goal of obtaining a retroactive letter of marque.
I’m a businesscrab, I believe I can convince at least the water priest and possibly Mordecai that nothing good will come from stealing that frigate.

Saricks came through. $4,000 for a 4 day smuggling run to Azy Cay is better than I hoped for. I was able to convince the rest of the group that this was a best-case scenario for our plans, long-term. Fortunately, most of them seem to be motivated by money… if only to give it away to the poor. These Earth clergy will always be a mystery.
This will hopefully be the start of an ongoing business relationship and Saricks and I can get some word about my missing items. Judging by all of those trinkets, nick-nacks and collectibles in his office, he has to know something about where that crate is… or at least where it went.


We’ve only been together for a little over a week and we’re already on the verge of becoming pirates. I’m not sure how I was even considering that fool’s errand. Why does stuff like this always happen when Liam is in charge?

I’m glad we got in good with Sarick. He’s not a particularly likeable fellow (do you call a crab-man a fellow? maybe I’ll ask Brachus… or maybe not), but he’s powerful and will be a useful ally. I need to remember to bring him something for his collection next time we are headed that way. Smuggling may not be the most respectable work, but it is better than stealing. Brachus says it was a good deal. I hope our involvement in Ms. Mason’s escape doesn’t become known – that could make things interesting on our return to Brigandy Bay – but it was the right thing to do.

Could this ragtag bunch get any more sketchy? It will be interesting to see what comes of the man in the dinghy.


We made it to Brigandy Bay in one piece an’ nearly got ourselves into a world of trouble. I sent Crow to scout things oot an’ learn woot he could aboot the otha ships. He came back so eaga an’ confident aboot a ship we could take. I got a little sweep’d up in it for a moment, meself. Right as rain, Brachus’ old friend came throogh and we took to smugglin for pirates instead is stealin from’em. I cannae say it be the ideal job. But keepin our heads a bit longa is always good. That bein said, I gotsta reconsida my choice fur first mate. Crows eaganess’ll bring more trouble than help, unfortunately. I’ll keep an eye on Daxson. He’s got a good a heed on those shouldas and we just might be needin such a thing.

I cannae forget to mention the joke that turned inta a rescue. A slave wench I hired for Daxson asked for help gettin ta freedom and we abliged. Oh! I’ve gotsta mention that she was from earth aft the war. We won! Brachus an’ Daxson dannae look to happy with me buyin drinks fur everyone when heard the good news. Not worry. I’ll make it back.

Hmm. I suppose freeing a slave counts as stealin from them pirates after all.


Some things nev’r changeth.

I surveyed the port. Brigandy Bay wast a rat’s nest of scum and villainy. Only the thin veneer of restraint from the local codes kept its seedy populace from unsheathing fell blades in an orgy of blood and treachery. They hath said I’d groweth accustomed to the Pirate ports, but I nev’r didst. Too much Puritan piety ranneth through mine veins.

I wondered. Wast this crew I’d fallen in with worthy of mine cause?

Those gents spake casually about, peradventure, becoming pirates. I’d spent seven years of dread service aboard the The Crimson Squid, a pirate boat. I recalled the bite of the cruel task-masters whip. Recalled the drunken breath of the Pirate Captain Cragtooh Targ who for those seven long years hath kept me a slave while he raped and pillaged his way across Caribdus.

To becometh a Whale Hunter or a Merchant? Aye. To becometh a Privateer with a commission to hunt down these foul Pirates? Gladly.

To betray mine Puritan beliefs and actually becometh a Pirate?


But there wast some hope of virtue in mine companions. I bethought of this a while wandering the city and happened upon Father Rodrigo. He wast setting up a soup kitchen and healing center in the middle of town. I hath said little, but in mine heart I admired that gent and his works.

And then as we setteth sail after a mission from the creature named Sarick, delivering the poor wench Annie Mason from her woe as a prostitute. Though the lady hadst hath given wage, we ignored it and secured that lady her freedom without charge.

Peradventure thither wast desire of virtue in mine companions. But would it beest enough?

I satteth at the dock and dipped the end of mine boot in the water. I bethought of the revelation that the water wast rising world wide. I was not sure mine companions felt the rising sense of urgency I didst. Evil would not willingly square evil. Only men of virtue would be up for the task. There wast a most wondrous evil in this world, and its unending, rising tide would destroy us all.

Unless we destroyed it first.


Dearest Abuela,

Sin comes not all at once, but by degree. It comes in the form of best intentions, in exigency, in excuses. I am surrounded by this insidiousness on a daily basis, and no charitable acts seem to be able to correct this downward spiral.

The gang that I have fallen into, for what else can I call it, wishes so desperately to thieve, murder and pillage their way through this accursed land. They visit dens of ill repute, and revel in its dirt and tawdry nature. I tried my best to balance the scales by healing and feeding as many of the sinners who inhabit this purgatory. But like digging a hole in sand, more fill up the hole no matter how hard I dig.

I healed hundreds and they still came. Little children whose mothers worked as prostitutes. Girlfriends of murderers and brigands. Everything seems to be relative here. A common refrain being “at least we didn’t murder them,” as if that was a viable option.

Lastly, we saved one fallen girl, and Irish women by the name of Annie Mason. She tried to pay us for doing what we were bound to do, but I wouldn’t have it. Most of the others in the gang supported me in this. Is that one more tug that the devil pulls at me to keep me in the company of thieves? I use the excuse that I am helping them find the path to the Lord, that I am having a good affect on them. But maybe that is the Devil’s trick to pull me down.

And finally Abuela, Annie Mason had every right to hit me on the head with that bottle. For although I did not do as she said in her ruse to escape, I thought it, God help me.

Fr. Rodrigo Salvatore

Adventures of the Crow: Episode 2

Our ship, the Jonas, if you can call it a ship, we have named to honor the dead Captain. If it’s that last thing I do, at least we honor that great man. Day’s pass as we traveled from that island, I have tied myself atop the mast and find comfort there, since there was no crow’s nest on this vessel. As we approached Brigandy Bay, I was day dreaming about the time on the island when I was 7 years old. I was running from the black wolves, my heart pumping, blood rushing through my veins as I jump to try to go aloft and lift myself above their sharp piercing teeth….

Then snapped back in the present, I look in the distance and see movement coming towards our Ship, the precious Jonas…. O no, it’s Razor Wings… Those foul creatures, they can tear the sails and the crew apart… I call down to Captain Liam, “Alarm, Alarm, Razor Wings off the Bow”. I draw my bow (made from the trees of Torath Ka), I steady my breathing, focus my eyes, almost sensing the blood in the lead Razor Claw and then release. My arrow strikes true right in his eye and kills the largest and lead Razor Wing. The flock splits in two, they now seem to charge even faster. I am deeply concerned for the crew. I must protect them…. No more will die under my protection…

As I dive towards the deck, I see Mordecai, the wind mage, raise his hands and a mighty wind buffets these creatures driving many into the water. Then Rodrigo, the water mage, opens his palms and water pulses out to punish the razor wings. O what power these Wizards bring to our ship, like the power wielded by the Red Men on the Island of Torath Ka. They are mighty, a power I hope to have one day.. I have much to learn, I will watch, I will learn… Then silence fills the air, all the Razor Wings are dead, Magic has killed them all. Their blood no longer pulses in their veins. .. I wonder if these mages can wield the power over life and death? Can they bring back all that have died in my past? That is something to explore indeed.

We gather ourselves and Captain Liam orders us to dock in Brigandy Bay. As we dock, I ask the Captain “Should we get a new ship?” I wink to the Captain. He says to scout for a vessel, but not to act without speaking to him first. I head off in delight, excited to find our prey. Which ship should be ours? Which ship will be named the Jonas to honor the Captain? I will prove myself to this crew, I am a man, not a boy. I can kill, I can conquer, I can destroy and be powerful just like the wind and water mages. I may not wield magic yet, but I am cunning. I can serve the captain. They will see, Crow can be very useful, Crow is a man.

The others have entered the port, while I stalk my prey… I see multiple ships, but then I see our Ship, our prize.. The vessel that WE need, that WE deserve. After all, the law of the jungle if you can take it, it’s yours… This ship is a nice frigate, she has sweet lines. Plus the crew is light, only 10 men on the decks (5 sleeping). The others are drinking.. They don’t know how to protect their prize, these fools will be easily parted from OUR ship. I approach and joke with the crew, they treat me like an animal, “Do a trick” “Can you fly” “How high can you fly bat boy”.. Then one bets me “10 pieces of eight” if I can fly up and around. I take his bet, to make them like me, then fueled with anger and rage, I fly higher than I ever have flown. Maybe that’s the secret, focus on the anger on the cruelty of others. It lifted me up.. It was beautiful…

After that amazing flight, they offered me their ale, they asked if I could fight. I actually started to like my prey.. I shouldn’t do that.. I need to keep my focus.. But I pretend to like them, I join their crew so I can get closer and learn more. They tell me they like their captain, I was hoping they didn’t a mutiny would be easier. They tell me they attacked a fishing boat, they tell me the captain will be drinking and carousing in the port for at least 3 more days… It’s perfect, the plan is in motion, I have the information we need to take OUR ship. Captain Liam will be so proud, we can call this mighty vessel the Jonas, a much more fitting ship to honor the dead Captain. All of the crew will be so proud.. I have found the prey, all I need is word from the captain to kill those on it and capture OUR ship… A warmth fills my beating heart, the blood coursing in my veins. It feels warm and comforting, it feels good. I am worthy, I am a man….

The next day, I find Captain Liam. I tell him of the prize. I am excited, then we tell the rest of the crew. Strange, they are NOT excited that we can take OUR ship from these ruthless men. After all they have killed fishermen, but to my dismay they seem to not want to take this prize. We are the predators not the prey, we are the strong, we should be able to take our ship. They speak of rules for pirates, of money from this port. That we don’t want to break some rules… I don’t understand… They tell me we are NOT taking the prize, instead they want to take a woman and transport some cargo.. Finally, I see the woman, as she strikes one of our crew with a mug. I am confused, but I feel the blood coursing in my veins and I jump in the fray. Swinging my fists and joining in the bar fight, this is fun. Then Captain Liam try’s to grab me, I playfully slip under his arm and kick a drunk sailor.. I think about picking his pocket, but from the glare from Captain Liam, I realize that may not be a good idea and I slip out with my Captain.

We rush to the ship and board, loading this woman and our cargo, we head off for a distance port…

Days pass then I spot from my elevated position, a man on a raft. I cover him with my bow as Daxson, the newest crew member, swims up to the raft. The man seems to have been stranded, he has a gun but no balls or gunpowder. Strange, I am curious, who is he, what did he do, what does he know? The as a crew we decide to bring him on the ship.

We dock in Azy Cay, we trade our goods and decide to drop off the girl. She offered to pay us pieces of eight, and our crew decides NOT to take it. Why? I don’t understand? If we transported a cow for money, we would be paid, if we transported a noble man for pay, we would be paid, if we transported an ugly hag we would have been paid, we just transported cargo and WE WERE PAID. This beautiful woman has ensorcelled these men, they did not take her pieces of eight over my protest. I don’t understand these rules of civilized men. I must learn more… I must learn to read, I must gain power, I must gain knowledge… I think these men can help me…

I can only think what adventure lies next…..

All Images from the book 50 Fathoms