Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 11

The rebels journey to the ruins of Fort Tuscan. Here they meet a man named Quist who claims to be an old friend of Adar Tallon seeking to warn him of the Imperial threat.

A herd of stampeding banthas causes the heroes, joined by Quist, to jump in their speeders and flee. The rebels realize the stampede was a distraction and three bounty hunters are on their tail. Doubling back to a ridge they begin a long-range sniper battle.

After surviving a bloody conflict, the heroes journey to a local farmstead where they find Adar Tallon! He and his wife greet their old friend Quist. One of the rebels notices Quist activating a homing beacon. Suspecting Quist of treachery, they summon their ship the Tyrannus. Before it arrives,  a Stormtrooper transport appears led by Jodo Kast, the foe behind the search for Adar! After a furious battle, the rebels emerge victorious. The Tyranus arrives with Tie Fighters in hot pursuit. Can the heroes escape Tatooine and evade the orbiting Star Destroyer? …

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