Heroes of Arnor: The Two Troublesome Trolls


Chapter Two

In Oct. (the 13th Day of Urui, T.A. 1640), the heroes are in Elnost and receive a summons to meet with the governer. En route to the audience, the scouts see Morwen arriving from her morning ride. She has the swiftest horse west of the Misty Mountains and rides unattended, despite the ongoing objections from the governor’s guard.

The heroes meet with Lord Elasander, who bids them investigate the prey that is killing sheep among the farm of the East Wood.

The party journeys and meets with Lien, a farmer, and his wife Lillen, who report details about the missing sheep. Lien leads the adventurers into the woods and shows them a clue he has just found. Footprints in the mud. Very large.


The heroes set out to track the beastly predators. Just as the sun sets, they find the trail terminating into a mountainside where no doubt the trolls shelter from the sun in a cave. Taking to the cliffs above, the heroes wait and watch.

As night fully darkens, two trolls come out, arguing and complaining. From their conversation it appears they are named Gwilam and Floid. After they trolls are out of earshot, the heroes investigate the stinking filth of the cave the trolls call home.

Aside from the carcasses of sheep and the remains of some unfortunate wandering men, there is nothing of interest in the cave.

The heroes hatch a plan. A few hours later, an elaborate trap made from the spears and debris of the dead men is put into place. Now, the heroes must but wait.

Around 3 a.m., the trolls return, a sheep under each arm. As they pull back the doors to their cave, Gwilam, the larger troll who went in first, takes a rack of spears in the chest! As the troll screams in pain, the heroes attack. The battle rages, and the trolls throw hapless sheep at the heroes until finally the two sides engage in melee. A couple of blows from the trolls remind the heroes that they are one troll-swipe away from death! In the end, the spear trap gave the heroes the edge they needed, and Gwilam falls dead. Floid flees momentarily in panic, then turns to face his pursuing foes before going down under the flash of swords glinting by the starlight.

The heroes return to Elnost, troll heads in sacks as proof of their victory. In court, Coronthir rolls the heads in front of Lord Elasander, who then kicks them into a sunbeam, where they turn to stone.

In days to come, Lord Elasander mounts each stone troll-head on pedestals which adorn each side of the entryway to his audience chamber, a sober reminder of the courage of his scouts, and of the looming threat outside Elnost’s walls.

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Fellowship Phase
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2 Responses to Heroes of Arnor: The Two Troublesome Trolls

  1. Robert "Commander" Miklos December 8, 2016 at 8:28 am #

    Epic adventure and well run.

  2. Mason "THE Wanderer" December 9, 2016 at 11:24 am #

    Spear trap for the win!