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Star Trek Podcasting Best Practices & Improvements (Updated)

Here are some notes from our 1/4/2017 recording sessions on ways to improve our podcasting of Star Trek Adventures game sessions. Tools Needed Rank Chart “Stay In Character” Sign Cheat Sheet — People/Places/Things Cheat Sheet Player stand — Stand for character sheet (not sure this is practical given the current room on table) GM Tools […]

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"Sister Flight" by Dave Metlesits (

Sounds of Dicehaven: Early Sample Intro Music

I’ve been testing out some audio using Apple Garage Band. Star Trek Vanguard Campaign: Example Intro Theme “Jubilee” theme song by Scott Buckley. Possible Audio for the Dicehaven Roundtable (Note there is a ‘Pond 5’ audio ‘watermark’ on each track which will be there until we select and buy a given sound track). Funk House […]

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Licensed RPG Podcast Poll Results and Analysis

In my Thursday group we starting talking about doing an actual play podcast. 24 hours after I put up the poll on licensed RPG settings, we’ve gotten some good response! 175 votes as of me writing this post. We’ll have a dribble of extra votes over the next week I’d think, but most of the […]

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Possible Actual Play Campaigns

There’s been some discussions about doing an actual play podcast. I don’t know when schedules will allow us to do an actual play, or who would be the GM when we do kickoff such a thing, but here are some ideas I’ve got were I to be at the helm GM’ing an actual play campaign. […]

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