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Fata Nonum Post-game Recap: Scylurus

Scylurus Sukuda – the Mongolian / Roman soldier He left the legion to wander the new land of Redmark, bringing several soldiers with him as he sought independence and a new life. The amassed group headed west and after some months of travel wound up collecting a sizable group of creatures of various races…though no […]

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Ken Hite’s Review of ‘Basic Roleplaying’

Ken Hite (he’s worked on so many RPGs I’ve lost track; LUG Star Trek is the one I most recall) wrote a review of BRP (Chaosium’s d100 system-neutral game) a few years back. I’ve copied it here and highlighted a few points. I need to check out the ‘Passions’ mechanic. Dry Bones Gonna Rise Up […]

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