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DIY Initiative Tracker for Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition

Here’s how I do initiative for Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition. (Which is amazing by the way! Go buy it now!). There’s a cool initiative mechanic where a player can use Tactics to grant a +6 initiative bonus to allies (and -6 to enemies), but this applies to the first round only. So initiative changes after […]

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DIY Vinyl Banners for RPG Battlemats

Folks have been asking me about the battlemat I’m using for my Traveller games, so I thought I’d describe how I created it. Not terribly hard to do so give it a try! I like to do DIY (do-it-yourself) terrain and RPG tools. I’ve got a couple of campaigns coming up that use 15mm miniatures. […]

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15mm Miniatures on my Vinyl Battlemat.

Leviathan Session 01: Spectator Sport

Ran the first game of what promises to be a recurrent ‘background’ campaign that I run intermittently. It’s an adaptation of The Last Parsec’s “Leviathan”, a Savage Worlds setting I’m converting over to Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition. Game tonight was a blast! Some photo highlights are below. I used 15mm miniatures on a 4×6′ […]

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Upcoming Games

Stay tuned for email RSVPs. Email Stan if you have questions. Traveller One-Shot — Tuesday, July 12 6:30pm (Stan’s House. Robert, Jeff, Chris, Stan = Yes) Gaslight Heroes — Saturday, July 14 6:30pm (Stan’s House. Stan, Jeff, Mason = Yes; Kevin, John = No; Todd TBD) 50 Fathoms — Saturday, July 16 6:30pm (Stan Out of Town; Jeff Hosts, […]

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 09

Trapped inside the flooding water tower, the heroes cut their way out and fight attacking bounty hunters who have arrived in an large speeder. Dr. Tark attacks the nefarious Zandra and her allies from atop the water tower, while Dr. Tark’s allies below succeed in toppling the speeder and spilling its occupants. Zandra and her […]

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 08

The rebel heroes, pursuing information Dr. Tark Malin found in rebel agent Dana’s final transmission, begin a hunt to find Commander Adar Tallon, hero of the Old Republic. The heroes travel to Tatooine knowing they have four days before the Star Destroyer finishes repair and arrives with Imperial bounty hunters to capture Tallon. After much […]

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Ringworld Interactive Map

Ringworld Map and Other Cool Stuff

Found an amazingly cool Ringworld Interactive Map for our Ringworld fans. I saw an article that James S.A. Corey’s Expanse Series Began As A Role-Playing Game. Also, as we think about Prismaticon tournaments, see this article on AD&D tournament run-times.

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