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Redmark Session 31: Man on a Buffalo!

Redmark Date: Third Age—April 14, 1331 A Long Rope Bridge The party finds themselves at the base of an impossibly long rope-and-plank bridge. It rises nearly a mile up the sheer face of a cliff, hanging over a depression roiling with fog. The heroes decide to camp the night and enjoy the amenities of Leomund’s […]

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Redmark Session 30: Dino-riding Cannibals

April 10-14, TA 1331 April 10-12, 1331 The hunt for the fabled buffalo continues as the party treks further into the depths of this mysterious, humid, densely treed island. Oh, and It’s apparently packed to the gills with dino-riding cannibal jungle savages.   As an important aside, I don’t mean “savages” in the same vain […]

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