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Star Trek Flavored Cypher System Games

One of the things l love about Savage Worlds is how you can use setting-specific card decks and tokens for bennies to add the feeling of whatever genre you’re emulating. Here’s an example of using Pirate themed bennies for settings like 50 Fathoms. Great stuff! Using the Cypher System, you can also emulate settings by […]

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Redmark Session 20: The Wrath of Jabbanana

March 18-20, Third Age 1331 March 18 Marcus Almost Becomes Mr. Jabbanana When last we left our heroes, Marcus had been offered Chief Dugabungaloo’s daughter, Jabbanana. Now, all eyes are on Marcus as the tribe awaits his decision. Jabbanana’s enormous belly quivers in anticipation. Marcus kneels before the king of the island and delivers a […]

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Redmark Session 19: A Dalliance With Mermaids

March 17, Third Age 1331 March 17 Having safely navigated the unnatural vortex to the very mysteriously alien world that purportedly holds the Fountain of Immortal Life, party and crew have an encounter like something straight out of The Iliad.  Gloriously beautiful mermaids.  Well… If you’re into half fish women, they were gloriously beautiful.  But […]

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