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5e Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide

New details came out today on the 5e Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide which is coming our way in the weeks ahead. D&D + Middle-earth is like peanut-butter and chocolate, a combinations I’ve wanted for years! Read more here: Here’s what’s going to be in the Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide: • 11 Middle-earth […]

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‘Adventures in Middle-Earth’ Coming October

Based on Game Trade Magazine #198’s product listing that dropped probably earlier than Cubicle 7 had anticipated, it appears that the upcoming Cubicle 7 D&D version of The One Ring will be called ‘Adventures in Middle-Earth’ and will ship in October. My guess is announcements will be made at GenCon with more details and cover-art previews […]

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Leviathan Session 04: A Most Dangerous Game

The heroes are given a lead from Hedley Trump to run a high-paying safari trip. The tables are turned as the supposed naive big-game hunters are actually bent on hunting the most dangerous creature of all: the heroes themselves! Waking up after being drugged, the heroes have only a repulser field and a lone dagger […]

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Star Trek Adventures!

I am a huge Star Trek fan, and I am very eagerly looking forward to this game. They have playtest registration in August, and if they have playtest packets and adventures by September, it could be that I would like to try running this system. Maybe as a Ragnarok Group thing, or in Thursday one-shot […]

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Leviathan Session 03: Hunting the Mega-Rhino

The heroes are tasked with hunting down a mega-rhino creature which doesn’t show on IR sensors. After camp setup and recon, they encountered it during the night. The extensible tail whip took John’s character and smashed him into a tree where the creature then proceeded to head-bash him. That left a headache!

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Running Long-term Campaigns in Big Universes

Here is an interesting post that touches on one element needed for long running campaigns: a big universe where you’re usually saving a region of the world/universe (as opposed to dealing with X-Men style extinction events that literally save the world). Having a shared universe. Not required, but I think its cool to have the […]

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