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Star Trek Skirmish Game

Stellar Tactics Version 1

Our Gaslight Heroes game didn’t have quorum last week so we moved gaming to Wednesday and ran a Stellar Tactics beta test. Biggest change we identified were 1) using standard rather than vector movement, and 2) using scenarios to break up the endless wait-and-see tactics players might otherwise employ. I’ve got about 15 changes we […]

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Fate Answers

Answers I came up with from my earlier ‘Questions of Fate‘ post. Question: “What are the results of a success-with-style roll on a skill check vs. passive opposition (e.g. a skill roll that isn’t combat)?” and “What are the results of a success-with-style roll on an opposed roll that isn’t combat?” Answer: Both of these […]

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One Minute More

This is the Last Chronicle of Thorvald, the Undertaker. Ragnarok was close at hand.  The party rushed from Dublin to the Baltic States on a quest to find the way to Musspielheim, to find the tree branch that would fuel the renewal of the mechanical sun.  We wasted no time crossing the marshes and forests of […]

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