Reggie the kitchen boy.

“Boy, bring me more wine!” “Boy, bring me more mutton chops!” If I heard that once I heard it a thousand times. I didn’t know my father, and my mother died in childbirth, god rest her soul. I’m told she worked in the kitchens, and evidently I was born to spend my life replacing her […]

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50 Fathoms: Session 35- Battle of Devil’s Cross- Final Session

Battle of Devil’s Cross   Characters: Kaliferous: Kraken mage Rodrigo: Human priest and water Mage from Earth Mordecai (in spirit): Human Air Mage Puritan from Earth Daxson: Doreen treasure diver native Date: 6/17/17 XP: 5 Recap: The Crew spent time mourning the loss of the friend Mordecai, gathering support, talking to their allies and finally […]

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Redmark Session 16: Triumphs Over Evil

March 3, Third Age 1331 Our hero’s around midnight, emerge from the cave of the necromancer Dubois, still wondering where he is located. They have saved Burt and the 10 citizens of Stonehelm. The hero’s decide to bury Brice’s sister’s body and head to the temple district under the darkness of night. Brice has requested […]

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Firefly One-Shot: The Miranda Datachip

Mason ran a great game of Firefly RPG! We managed to exercise key rules such as Dice Pools and Flashbacks. I really like this system better than Fate RPG which is very similar in terms of Aspect-style mechanics and a narrative focus. The Dice Pool mechanic really helps solve the math errors I always had […]

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Redmark Session 15: Stone Legion Enters Stonehelm

March 2, Third Age 1331 The journey begins with our heroes traveling towards one of the largest cities of Threa, Stonehelm (population over 30,000).   It’s about seven thirty at night, close to sundown as they travel closer and approach the north gate.  They encounter two guards Reginald and Edwin.  Our weary travelers ask for a […]

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Redmark Sessions 14: Stonehelm or Bust

February 21 – March 2, Third Age 1331 “I’m dead!!”  Or so Quintos thought.  In truth, he was.  But only for a few fleeting seconds before Marcus was able to bring him back.  The assassin who did the dirty dead had already been dealt with.  Robbing Quintos of any immediate revenge.  The party set out […]

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Redmark Sessions 13: Before a Long Journey

February 10 – February 17, Third Age 1331 Part I: Back to Nimroth After defeating the vampire in the castle to the south of Nimroth our band of adventurers decide to rest in and around Nimrtoh for a few days.  Ghost dancer loads the large painting they found inside the castle and decides to take […]

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