If you’re like me, you find yourself working on multiple computers, and lugging a USB stick around can be a pain (what if you forget it?). Moreover, what if you lose your ISB stick?

Answer: use to store your writing documents and have them accessible from any PC or Mac.

This article shows how to connect to via the Mac Finder, giving you desktop access to a free, mountable 1 Gig online storage account. In a nutshell:

1) Get a account.
2) In the Mac Finder select the GO menu then choose Connect to Server (Or Command-K).
3) Put in the address:
4) When it prompts, put in your username as your name and your password in the password field.

That’s it, look on your desktop. There should be a new connection mounded on your hard drive called dav.

Here’s an article for connecting to under Windows XP.

The secret is a web protocol called WebDav, which both XP and Mac support, and now provides as one of their many ways to access your file storage.