This is a VERY cool technique to take notes on books without actually writing within the book, dog-earing pages, etc.

Post It Example

I thought I might as well document one of my little “life hacks”.

1. When I start a new book I stick a few post-its on the first page inside the cover. That way there’s always some paper around to write notes on.

2. When I fill up a post-it I move it, either to the inside back cover or the inside front cover.

3. The added benefit of using post-its is that when I come to type up the notes (so I never lose them and can search them), the post-its stick handily to the side of the monitor.

Another trick I’ve adapted to the above is writing the page number on the Post It if there is a paragraph I particularly liked. I’ll sometimes photo copy the pages I note on the Post It after I’m done with the book and file it for reference.

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