I use the Wild Die from 2e, but have several other house rules, including using tokens to track damage. What house rules do you use? Here are details on mine.

  1. Wild Die — Per 2e/REUP rules. 6 explodes, 1 means something bad / interesting happens.
  2. Initiative and Action Economy — Conventional, D&D style initiative based on Dexterity rolls, no declarations of actions before your turn, when you act you perform all actions you declare (if taking 3 actions, all 3 resolve on your turn).
  3. Stun — Incapacitated if current stuns >= # of Strength dice.
  4. Minions — GM can introduce opponents such as low-level stormtroopers that are incapacitated with any hit, without the normal Stunned / Wounded / Incapacitated progression.
  5. Jedi/No Jedi — All PCs are Jedi, or none are Jedi. Solves balancing issues. I allow players to troupe-play a Jedi however; they rotate controlling and leveling the character and play they Jedi that week instead of (or in addition to) their own PC.
  6. Droids — No droid PCs.
  7. Distance — 1″ = 1m. Use battlemats with a grid or use a measuring tape or ruler.
  8. Tokens to Track Conditions — I use minis or 1″ round tokens to track character’s conditions even if I’m using relative positioning without precise measurements. To track damage, I use the following 1″ poker chips or other tokens: Stunned (1+ green chips), Wounded (Yellow chip (can act) or Red chip (can’t act)), Incapacitated (Skull Token), Mortally Wounded (2 Skull Tokens). I also track Prone (lay the model down on the table to indicate they are prone / crawling), and Dodge (Dodge action is tracked using special acrylic Dodge tokens from Litko). I outsource the tracking of these conditions to a ‘Battlemaster’ and ease my GM cognitive load.

Other rules to review and consider:

  1. Scaling Rules — Many people use the 2e / REUP version.
  2. Fixed Defense — Some use the static defense numbers like Mini6 instead of rolling.
  3. Side Initiative — Consider having each side roll opposed 1d6’s and when your group goes, your players decide popcorn-style who goes next.
  4. Star Wars Miniatures Battles — See what if anything from these rules to use for mass combat.

(Picture is from a game a while back using tokens to track damage.)