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Top Games Wanted at NTRPGCon

Yesterday I talked about Top Games Played at NTRPGCon. Now I’ll move on to some interesting survey results.

I ran a poll on the NTRPGCon Facebook group which asked “What old-school game that is seldom / never run at NTRPGCon would you most like to play in next year?” I listed a few games, but allowed folks to add their own choices. Below were the results.

Star Frontiers was the clear winner — I suspect based on that and feedback folks were giving in the comments that we’ll see at least a few Star Frontiers at the 2017 con! I’m considering running a Bunnies & Burrows game and maybe another Middle-earth game.

Top 12 Games Seldom/Never Run at NTPGCon

  1. Star Frontiers (38 votes)
  2. Top Secret SI (22 votes (tie))
  3. Star Wars WEG d6 (22 votes (tie))
  4. Bunnies & Burrows RPG (13 votes (tie))
  5. Stormbringer RPG (13 votes (tie))
  6. Chainmail (13 votes (tie))
  7. Marvel TSR (13 votes (tie))
  8. Gangbusters (12 votes (tie))
  9. Dark Sun (12 votes (tie))
  10. Star Trek (FASA, LUG, etc.) (11 votes)
  11. Runequest (10 votes)
  12. MERP (8 votes)

18 other entries got between 1 and 7 votes. See the full poll results here.


  1. Glen Hallstrom

    There will be a Gangbusters game on the schedule next year. I only got to run a few hours of it in Open Gaming (of which there was precious little) but running it with my regular group it’ll definitely be there in 2017.

    • S. W. Shinn


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