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Top Games Played at NTRPGCon

stan-shinn-citystateFor those who don’t know, North Texas RPG Con is an old-school RPG gaming convention which has grown in popularity each year (this year they had well over 300 attendees which maxed out their gaming space; next year they will have bigger facilities and more attendees I believe).

What games are folks running at NTRPGCon? Here’s a rundown of the 2016 games based on games listed on their 2016 calendar.

Early D&D (OD&D, B/X, BECM, AD&D, 2e, retroclones): 55 Games

This breaks down into:

  • 8 OD&D games
  • 11 B/X games
  • 2 BECM games
  • 9 Swords & Wizardry Games
  • 23 AD&D games (1e & 2e combined)
  • 2 Labyrinth Lord games

DCC games: 19 Games

DCC is a new-ish game but with a very old-school vibe.

D&D 5th Edition: 18 games

The rise in popularity of 5e is notable given the old-school focus of the con. By contrast, I’ve never seen a Pathfinder or 4e game run at NTRPGCon (somebody correct me if I’m wrong on that).

Traveller: 8 games

This is the Classic Traveller edition (the little black books). We didn’t have any of these games for years, then last year Mike Kelly and I ran a total of 3 Classic Traveller games. Now this year, we had 8. Great to see this games surge in popularity at this con!

Misc. Games

There was also a smattering of other games (each run 1 to 3 sessions):

  • Gamma World 1e
  • Villians & Vigilantes
  • Ghostbusters RPG
  • Paranoia
  • Metamorphosis Alpha
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Boot Hill
  • Barbarians of Lemuria
  • Astonishing Sorcerers and Swordsmen of Hyperboria (AS&SH)

In my next post I’ll talk about ‘Top Games Wanted at NTRPGCon.’


  1. Theodric the Obscure

    I played in
    1 OD&D game
    1 Empire of the Petal Throne game
    1 B/X game
    2 Swords & Wizardry Games
    1 AD&D game 1e
    1 AD&D game 2e
    What a great time!

  2. Jeff Webb (TheOldDragoon)


    I ran a Shadowrun 1st Edition game on Thursday night. It was a blast. I also participated in Star Trek, Indiana Jones and Aliens, all single sessions that I know of.

  3. Tim Snider

    I ran the Ghostbusters game as well as a Saturday morning TOON game, “Dullard & Dragons,” which I plan on doing regularly at future NTRPG events.

  4. Jon Cary

    I know Pathfinder has been played at NTRPGCON. Greg Vaughn (Frog God) has run them in the past, if nothing else. I met plenty of players at the con that also play Pathfinder.

  5. Bob Brinkman

    So, when you sort out the editions, DCC was number one…

    • S. W. Shinn

      Ha! I guess so 🙂

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