Inspired by Ryan Macklin’s “Flash Game Design Friday” challenge, I created the following game called “Museum of the Mind’s Eye.” It uses two of Ryan’s mechanical ingredients:

  • A single token that sometimes is and sometimes isn’t possessed by the player
  • A countdown mechanic

I describe it as “Marvel Avengers” meets “Night at the Museum.” Here’s the game, totalling 483 words; feel free to download it and comment:

Museum of the Mind’s-Eye Game  (1 page, 483 words, a complete game by itself).

I also created an optional one page GM Adventure Tips accessory document which has some GM advice on running the game, and (more importantly) several pre-gen characters to use if you don’t want to create your own.

GM Adventure Tips (1 page)

Lastly, I added a one page GM Reference document. This is a simpler layout of the rules, plus it adds dice odds, which I find a handy feature to have at the table. In a sense, it is a one-page ‘GM Screen’.

GM Reference (1 page)

This game uses a generic ‘Haiku Story Game’ mechanic which is similar in spirit to Risus and Lady Blackbird. I hope to publish other material with this same light-weight story mechanic.

For your convenience, here’s all three documents bundled together:

Museum of the Mind’s-Eye Bundle (3 pages)

Enjoy. Let me know your thoughts.