Christian Book Sales are Surging

According to the Book Industry Study Group, which uses data from all sectors of the industry, total U.S. book sales rose 2.8 percent in 2004 to $28.6 billion, while religious books saw 11 percent growth to nearly $2 billion.

Christian fiction is enjoying a boom that has been linked by some to George W. Bush’s presidency.

And some comments on Lauren Winner on the market: 

"There’s definitely a blurring of lines between religious books and self help books," said Lauren Winner, 28, who is studying for a doctorate in American religious history.

Winner said that religious imprints are raising their literary standards, pointing to the major Christian publisher Thomas Nelson’s fiction imprint Westbow, launched in 2003.

"It’s wholly devoted to doing subtler, less hit-you-over-the-head Christian fiction," she said.

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