We’ve fired up a Star Frontiers inspired campaign using the FrontierSpace rules. One of our players has a Dralasite character. The original Star Frontiers minis are a bit small (more like a 25mm range model, and rest of our players are using 32mm models). So, I did some digging and here are some ideas on how we can create Dralasite minis that look good in the scale we’re using.

The least-work option is to use Reaper’s Argamite mini. There are some painting tip here that are fantastic.

Cool Dralasite Paint Job

Frontier Explorer Issue 31 on pp. 24-26 has an article on how to kitbash a Dralasite mini.

CoolMiniOrnot.com has a great looking kit bashed mini for inspiration. If nothing else, I love the paint job.

(Side note: Reaper’s Korkosan mini is also a spot-on stand-in for a Yazirian race).

Reaper’s Illyrian figures here and here would be easy to kitbash — just file off the neck-mouth and putty on a bigger head with Dralasite style eyes. For an uber-big Dralasite, you could putty on a head to this gang boss mini.