It’s decided! For the Saturday Night Dice crew’s game-day on Nov. 24, we’ll run a game set in The World of Redmark — my own custom campaign setting. I’ll give you more background on the setting soon. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know for character creation:

Character Creation:

  • Create a new 1st level character (or reskin your old one). For the lazy, a long list of pregens are here:
  • Use the point buy system in the PHB (same as the League rules).
  • Allowed races: The core four (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling) plus half-elves.
  • Allowed alignments: Good alignments.
  • General Theme: You are heroic, noble characters. Model characters from The Fellowship of the Ring (but not Boromir!).
  • You all know each other; we can figure out how at the game table, but feel free to start the discussion via email if you want.


  • We start gaming 10am (Robert, John, Kevin, maybe Todd).
  • 12:30-ish — Mason joins. Jeff joins as well if his day goes well, but his attendance is iffy (Jeff, just IM me your status that day when you know it).
  • I’ll organize the plot so we have a mini-game in the morning, then we’ll do character connections and backgrounds and such at 1pm or so before easing into the afternoons gaming.
  • We game till 10pm-ish.


I want to parcel out four rules, each for one person to own and be ready to adjudicate for the group if/when it comes up in play:

  • Fatigue (or whatever 5e calls it): Robert
  • Downtime (the PHB version, which is different from League play): Mason
  • Drowning: Jeff
  • Hex travel times / difficult terrain, etc.: John


Below is the inspiration for the opening scene — bwahahaha!

No One At the Bridge

by Rush

“Crying back to consciousness
The coldness grips my skin
The sky is pitching violently
Drawn by shrieking winds
Seaspray blurs my vision
Waves roll by so fast
Save my ship of freedom
I’m lashed helpless to the mast

Remembering when first I held
The wheel in my own hands
I took the helm so eagerly
And sailed for distant lands
But now the sea’s too heavy
And I just…I just don’t understand
Why must my crew desert me?
When I need…I need a guiding hand…

Call out for direction
And there’s no one there to steer
Shout out for salvation
But there’s no one there to hear
Cry out supplication
For the maelstrom is near
Scream out desperation
But no one cares to hear”