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Stan's 5e Rules Summary

Stan's 5e Rules Summary

Stan’s 5e Rules Summary

Here is a 5e rules summary in both landscape and portrait formats. First two pages I print out and hand to players (I use it as a DM as well). Third page is more oriented towards the DM. Basically I run 90% of my games using ONLY the rules on these three pages; seldom are there rules used which aren’t summarized here.

Works great on tablets, as printouts, or (if you have good eyesight) as inserts to customizable GM screens.

Let me know your comments. I’ll make this a living document and edit it to correct any issues, or add any big misses.




Change Log:

2014-11-19 Changes (will post by this weekend):

  • Links: Landscape: Portrait:
  • Updated Dash rule to read: ‘Dash: Move your speed as an action in addition to your normal move.’
  • Reworded “Healing” section to reduce redundant content describing stabilization rules.
  • Clarified Disengage to read ‘Disengage: Disengage as your action and your movement doesn’t provoke an opportunity attack.’ instead of 1/2 movement.
  • Updated ‘Under MOVING PAST FRIENDS AND FOES’ to add that another creature’s space is difficult terrain.
  • Added under CONCENTRATION that casting another spell only breaks concentration if the new spell also requires concentration.
  • Updated Hide action to read: “To hide, DEX (Stealth) check, opposed by passive WIS check of creature who might notice you, or active WIS check of creature actively searching for you. ” instead of using INT.
  • Updated Advantage/Disadvantage to read: “Dis/Advantage: For Advantage, roll 2d20, take better roll. For Disadvantage, take worse.”
  • Updated Vulnerability to read: “Vulnerability: If target has vulnerability to that type of damage, damage doubled.”


Used as inserts for a GM screen by a fan

Used as inserts for a GM screen by a fan



  1. grimmlingur

    Drawing weapons is not free in 5e, it uses an “interaction with environment” action which you only get one of. I would also recommend mentioning bonus actions, since they are currently not mentioned.

    Another thing that’s missing and is frequently asked about is which modifiers apply to which attacks, dex to ranged, str to regular melee, str or dex on melee if the weapon is finesse, same as you would use for melee attack for thrown.

    All in all it looks like a good concise document that covers most of the rules other than class specific ones. Nice job.

  2. Mat Krepicz

    Fantastic! Thanks very much for this, it’s incredibly helpful.

  3. Jordan

    Really nice, maybe add the Jumping rules? Those come up sometimes and we always have to look them up. 🙂

  4. David

    This is an excellent resource. Thanks!

  5. Allan

    Excellent product Stan. Thank you for sharing this.
    I was working on a similar reference, but had to put it down to attend to real life.
    If I have any inputs or suggestions, I’ll be sure to send them your way.
    Keep the game going my friend.

  6. Steve

    This is great… probably the single most useful tool I have seen posted for 5e. Makers of any future DM screen need to take notes. Also, this has finally inspired me to purchase this:

  7. Sam

    Great resources! The only thing I would add is the calculations for Jump distances. They are just fiddly enough that I don’t have them memorized. Maybe put them under the Falling section of Movement, as you already have Falling as its own category.

  8. Adam Silkey

    Love it! One thing I found — Round down should have a note about usually having a minimum of 1.

  9. Jordan

    How about adding the Jumping rules? Thanks for the work!

  10. The Mighty Jerd

    This is so helpful, thanks!

    I am going to use these as inserts into my homemade DM screen I think.

  11. Tommy

    Awesome. Gonna print a few copies of this off, see if it helps at my table. Thanks, sir!

  12. Steve

    Having just purchased a new 5e DM screen YOUR DM SCREEN MOD IS SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER!

    If, earlier in the weekk, I had discovered this I would build my own DM screen with your nifty resource. Perhaps you should send it to WIZARDS for their next alliteration of a DM screen.

  13. John

    Good effort, many thanks Stan!

  14. BigJuju

    Great stuff, Stan! Thanks.

  15. Monkplayer

    Which version is the latest with updates; the download states a date of 11/21, your first post is 11/17, but you also have another at 11/19? I’m assuming the top link is the correct and latest one? Lastly, have you updated this with any errata since last year?

    NOTE: I’ve now looked at 4 Player cheat sheets, and so far yours is the best at keeping things simple with the best summation, specially for beginner players. GREAT job!

  16. Monkplayer

    Stan thanks for replying so fast! I gotta one more idea, add the book page number! Another GM did this with his cheat sheet, which was also a very good reference like yours. The page number (in very small type) is an excellent idea to help the new player look up the full text. What say you?

    Stan thanks again for such a great resource!

  17. Regis

    Many thanks for this great resource, exactly what I was looking for!
    A great support document for players and DMs thanks for taking the time to compile write it!

  18. Greg Perkins

    Top job. Invaluable at-a-glance resources.

  19. Derek

    Thank you, well done! I purchased a 5e screen just to cover it up with actual information (also found which has some really nice PDFs too). Awesome!

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