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Converting Old-School D&D Stat Blocks to BRP

I’m creating some rules for converting classic D&D monsters (AD&D, OD&D, B/X D&D) to BRP on the fly. Partly because I’ve got some old D&D modules (the Oriental Adventures series in particular) I’d like to run using BRP rules. Also, there are so many free, robust early edition D&D bestiaries out there, you’ll never lack for adversaries!

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BRP House Rules

Here are my house rules for Chaosium’s new BRP (Basic Roleplaying) RPG. I would love any commentary or other ways to improve these approaches. Basically, I don’t want my players to have to do multiplication or division during the middle of combat, so these rules aim to help with that.

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Benefit of Advantage in d100 Systems

In d100 systems such as Chaosium’s Basic Role-Playing (BRP) tabletop roleplaying game rules, I wanted to see what introduce a mechanic called  ‘Advantage’ (taken from d00Lite games like FrontierSpace) which allows a player, when making a skill roll for their character, to swap the digits on the d100 dice, taking the better result. So if a player with a 50% rating on their Weapon (Rifle) skill got a 71 on their roll (a 7 on the tens die and a 1 on the ones die), and if they had an Advantage on that roll, they could swap it and get a 17, changing the roll from a failure to success.

If I use this Advantage mechanic, what is the (1) highest percentage benefit in odds, (2) the lowest benefit in odds, and (3) the average benefit in odds on skills which could be rated from 1% to 100%? I asked ChatGPT to find out, and here are the results! Continue reading

Fata Nonum Post-game Recap: Scylurus

Scylurus Sukuda – the Mongolian / Roman soldier

He left the legion to wander the new land of Redmark, bringing several soldiers with him as he sought independence and a new life.

The amassed group headed west and after some months of travel wound up collecting a sizable group of creatures of various races…though no human Gauls were allowed due to Scylurus’ intense hatred for that ethnicity.

The group arrived in what was, and likely still is, called the Badlands. They began to turn this area into their own sort of nomadic tract of land. They would hunt and herd what was available, as well as “help” travelers who got lost, as well as traders from various other lands that stumbled into the Badlands. Being in this area, as a de facto leader of the group, Scylurus became known as the Sand Master. This became a title that was passed down to each leader through the ages, rather than a single entity.

Because of this, and the very insular community inside the Badlands, many believe the Sand Master to be immortal and a master of disguise. Tales have been told of the Sand Master being a variety of races, sometimes mystic and sometimes a great warrior. Sometimes even diplomatic stories are told of the Sand Master, leading to a great mystery surrounding the titular character in the current age of Redmark.

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