The Maiden Voyage



  • Stan/Mordecai: Human Air Mage Puritan from Earth
  • Mason/Liam: Human Ship Master from Earth
  • Kevin/Barchus: Scurillian merchant and Super native
  • Jim Bob/Daxson: Doreen treasure diver native
  • John/Crow: Atani sharpshooter native
  • Robert/Rodrigo: Human priest and water Mage from Earth

Date: 3-15-14

XP: 5 (3 for game session, 2 for backstories)


The party (minus Daxson) were all aboard the Rebecca, a frigate, captained by Jonas Abram delivering lumber from the Free Towns to Kiera. The ship struck something large off the coast of Torath-Ka and the hull was ripped open. The ship was beached and the Captain ordered the Party to search for provisions on the coast. The Party ran across a fleeing Doreen(Daxson) being chased by a pair of Yellowbacks. After dispatching the Yellowbacks,saving Daxson(who was stranded himself) and gathering the meat the Party headed back to the ship to find it burnt to the water line and the entire crew missing and a trail leading into the jungle.

They followed the tracks to a Ugak ritual sacrifice at a “Red Pool” being led by a shaman. 5 crewmembers, Captain Abrams and the Atani-Black Crow were tied up awaiting sacrifice The Party engaged the Ugaks just in time to see Captain Abrams be pushed into the sacrificial pit. Before the Party could dispatch the Shaman he managed to summon a Giant MonkApe. Through a heroic battle the Party was able to dispatch the Ugaks and the MonkApe with Liam delivering the final blow to the great beast.

The party managed to repair a wrecked skiff and salvage some provisions from the Rebecca and made for Brigandy Bay. Not far off shore they discovered the wreck of the LaLa, the ship Daxson had been serving on, with another scurillian clinging to the floating debri. The scurillian , Equais, told them the tale of how the LaLa was attacked and wrecked by a giant shark the Ugaks had summoned. She also told a tale of how she discovered, through careful measuring, that Carbdus was still slowly being flooded. She does not know how or why but she is very sure in a few years the low-lying cities will be under water.



Crew rescued:

  • John Smith, a, 24-year old Englishman from Earth, circa 1673.
  • Mongrel, a kehana
  • Senor Miguel Figuroa, a Spaniard from Earth, circa 1547.
  • Caras and Cais Cath, two masaquani twins
  • Equais, a female scurillian

Character excerpts:

Father Rodrigo Salvatore
March 17, 1571 – I write to you, Dearest Abuela, in this Diary, because I know only you will understand what I write.I was in transition on an assignment for the Inquisition, or what you can call it in the accursed Pugatorio, when something from hades struck the ship and made us beach on the shore for repairs. I was sent on a mission on an island hell with a crab man and a half man with skin of Azul. Only Dios knows why I have been accursed with this. I was able to use the new divine powers of water that our Lord has gifted me with, and I killed some large lizard like creature. Oh, Abuela, the creatures in this Purgatory would amaze and concern you. It is as you taught me all those years ago, about another land with all of these creatures. Little did I know that I would one day be there. I thought your stories were mere fairy tales.We defeated the lizards, and returned to the ship, to find it in flames. The incompetence of the Protestants is amazing, as they must have left their ship unattended. How typical. We plunged into the jungle to rescue the Heretics, only to come upon some accursed Monkey Man and his evil pool of blood. The group fought hard, almost like Spaniards would, and we defeated the Monkey Man and its blood elemental. I again used the powers Our Lord gave me upon my exile to this place, and I will continue to call upon it to advance his cause and purpose.We set sail in a repaired Skiff, and came upon yet another Crab person, this time a female. Will wonders never cease.Fr. Rodrigo Salvatore

Liam McCormic
1st Mate’s log…or acting capt’n now that Abram’s deadHoot a mistake we made thinkin t’would be another normal run. Everything went to shite when some blasted sea devil smashed the side of our ship and forced the capt’n to beech her. It be me third time ship wrecked since I got to Caribdus. Capt’n Abram sent me and a few landlubbers lookin fur anything that might be useful. Twasn’t long till some crazy Doreen came rooning outa the trees straight for the sea, crazed as madman, and chased by some yellabacks. It was me old mate, Daxson. We dealt with the dobber birds, Daxson joined us, and we found an ol’skiff.We headed back with the news and found the ship burned down, the crew miss’n, and blood all aboot. We made sure the provisions were all secure and went afta the capt’n, crew, and a bit-o revenge. Ye don’t attack me crew, burn me ship, and get away with it! Some dum bug bit me and got me all sick on the way. It’s things like this that make me really hate jungles. We found the capt’n and crew under guard by some Ugaks. Capt’n Abram was on some pedestal with a fancy dressed Ugak, who we assumed to be the leada. Without warnin, he kills the capt’n! The bastarts!! Everything after that t’was mostly a blur. I do rememba blowin the brains outa some giant monkey’s head, tho.We were only able to save a hand full of the crew, Crow being among’em. Poor lad. He always viewed the capt’n like a father and didnae take his death well. He brought me capt’n Abram’s things and I let’em keep the pistol. He be a good lad.

We set ta fix’n the skiff and then made for port in Brigandy Bay when we came across the wreckage of Daxson’s old ship. We saved a female scurillian and continued the journey. We should really look into acquirin a bigger ship soon.


Comrades (and Brachus does hope that he may be so bold as to call you his “comrades”), you all fought brilliantly and Brachus once again finds himself indebted to others for his life. While the good “Priest’s” powers do not seem to fall in line with what Brachus has witnessed in New Madrid, Brachus will accept his presence so long as the priest does not anger his god and bring destruction upon us all. Tread carefully clergy who follows “funny hat”.
Brachus also took the liberty to come up with some optimal trade routes in order for us to upgrade from this small vessel. Given the news that the seas are rising, Brachus does believe that a larger ship should be our top priority. While Brachus understand why we are making way to Brigandy Bay, Brachus also feels as though he needs to remind you all that this is not a friendly place. Buying goods will not come cheap, even with Brachus’ connections, and sailing in a skiff from there will take many days to the next port, making hauling food dubious, at best
Look for Brachus’ proposal under separate cover in the near future… the calculations and algorithms are still being optimized by myself and the Scurillian that we rescued.
Until then…

 Mordecai Boone
The tempest around Mordecai raged. It was of his own creation — a storm usually meant to propel ships or delay pursuing boats. But the battle at hand was not of ships but of blades: Mordecai and his companions fought with wild-eyed Ugaks fanatics. The minions of Blood Magic fought to keep uninterrupted their impious ritual underway on the sweaty isle of Torath-Ka.Near the Eldritch substance of the pool Mordecai caught sight of the shaman, his incantations nearing their crescendo.The faint scar on Mordecai’s forehead flamed red as Mordecai’s pulse quickened with rage.The puritan’s eyes narrowed, his lips a thin white line of determination. He pressed through the fray, his blade a flashing whirlwind of bloodied steel. Several heartbeats later Mordecai confronted him.

The shaman.

Mordecai’s mind raced back to the moment months before when he’d first encountered Blood Magic. It was the daughter of the Wind Mage Kinkaid, his mentor. They arrived too late to save her; her blood was spilt to invoke Blood Magic’s foul sorceries.

Mordecai had mastered the art of wielding a sword, but not the art of forgiveness.

Mordecai screamed above the squall: “Thou art not half the man thy mother was!” His blade leapt out, its path true.

The head of the shaman severed cleanly, the force causing it to fly several feet away. A sickening splash echoed through the tempest, and the head sank, its lips coiled into a malicious grin.

Movement came from below the ich. Mordecai knew intuitively a nightmarish creature would appear. As the storm continued to rage, it was not the demon below he feared, but the demon within.

The storm of unforgiveness which raged in his heart.

Adventures of the Crow: Episode 1
The rain was striking my face, not heavy rain but a steady flow, it was peaceful and quiet. The water rolling off my wings almost tickling them. The waves were caressing the ship. I was in the Crow’s nest, my namesake and place of safety, doing my duty as the lookout for the Rebecca, our mighty frigate. It was dark, visibility was challenging and my mind was wandering from my duty, thinking about this past 5 years sailing with Liam, Barchus and my second father Captain Abrams it has been a great adventure. I have learned much from Captain Jonas Abram, during this time. Some day, I might even be a first mate like Liam or even, should I dream… a Captain like Jonas….As we neared the island of Torath Ka (The Savage Land), my mind wandered to my first father, Rayford (the Jamaica slave) who raised me on the island of death (as Rayford called it). I was thinking how my life has changed and how it is better now that I am off that accursed rock……Then I heard it, a huge tearing sound. Suddenly racing through my mind – WHAT HAVE I MISSED? Why was I day dreaming, the Captain (my second father) has told me NEVER to daydream on watch. What have I done… As I scanned the waves and ship below me, from my perch above the ships deck, the boat listing to one side…. We have been struck by something, and are taking on water…..

Then in moments, I saw the Captain appear on the deck, barking out orders to the crew.. I glided down to my father, tears in my eyes, a physical reaction to my feeling of failure of my duty and to the Captain and the crew. Due to the rain, I don’t think the Captain realized I was tearing up.. He barked an order at me, to help with the rigging and shouted to the crew, “BEACH THE SHIP MEN!! BEACH THE SHIP”. I felt a failed feeling in my chest, my daydreaming, my lack of focus, my momentary laps of duty to watch for anything in the water…. Had I crashed the Rebecca (our ship) by my own hands, by lack of focus on my watch? Had I condemned us back to the island that had tortured me as a youth, the island that had taken my first father (Rayford).. What had I done….

I listened and executed the Captain’s every word. During the chaos of the moment I don’t think the other crew members saw my tears of failure and doubt. The visible fear that I had just failed the very crew that had nurtured me for these past 5 years, and quite possibly damned them to the island of terror that Savage Land, Torath-Ka…

The mighty Rebecca, was beached on the island of death… The Captain ordered part of the crew to search for provisions (Liam, Barchus, Mordecai and Rodrigo)… I think Jonas sensed my sadness and kept me with him… As normally, I would go with the first mate on boarding actions, or requisitions…

Back at the crashed boat, the Captain ordered the rest of the crew to start stripping anything of value and inventorying it on the beach.. He also ordered half of the crew to start scouting a perimeter. Moments latter, they were on us.. Again, I failed in seeing them come. I thought to myself “I MUST focus more, I cannot keep having my mind wander, what have I done AGAIN!!”..

They were the Ugak, the Red Men of Torath-Ka.. They had surrounded us…. I wanted to fight, but the Captain offered surrender, since the stronger members of the crew had left to gather provisions… The Red Men bound us all and lead us back to the Red-Men’s camp. Using my lithe frame and double jointed abilities, I was slowly and quietly worked my way out of my bonds … As we approached the Red Man gathering, we saw a Shaman, a Ugak – Blood Wielder and they had a Shrine with a huge Red Pool, of what looked and smelled like blood.

The largest Red-Man was speaking with the Blood Wielder. They placed us on the Stones of the Shrine next to the Red Pool.. All that was racing through my mind, was Damn this Island, my failure may have cost my life and the life of my friends… How have I failed them…. I must redeem myself… Next the Blood Wielder took the Captain to the head of the Pool, but before Jonas’s walked from my side he whispered to me “My Son, It will be OK, you are a man now.. Trust yourself”. I tear started to fall from my eye…

As Jonas was at the top of the Pool with the foul Red-Man Shaman, noise came from behind.. It looks like the other members of the crew were crashing through the brush… Then all hell broke loose, as the crew (Liam, Barchus, Mordecai and Rodrigo) and some new Doreen, I had never seen came to our aid…. I moved quickly, free of my bonds, and flipped over a Red Man using my wings to help me. This Red Man, whom Barchus had already clawed, was quickly strangled by the very rope they used to bind me (a fitting end for this vile Red man). Then, I scrambled to where my bow lay on the ground so I could shoot the Shaman who was about to slay my second father Jonas.

I was too late, tears welled up in my eyes, as he was killed…. Then RAGE filled my heart, Red Blood Rage!! ALL OF THESE RED MEN WILL DIE!!!! ALL OF THEM!! I WILL CHASE THEM ALL AND KILL THEM ALL!!! How dare this Island take my second father. This Island of death….. At that moment, I blacked out and cannot remember what happened, the RAGE fueled me and my loss of my father.. I have fragments of memory, some large beast arouse from the Blood Pit, I shot it in the eye and slowed it.. I killed another Red Man with my bow.. And then I was running through the jungle and finally snapped out of it my hands running red with RED MAN blood in the jungle as I killed two that ran from the scene of my fathers death…..

I slowly wandered back to the Shrine and Red Pool, numb from my loss.. Tears now flowing down my cheeks, uncontrolled.. I walked up to Liam and said “Why”….. Then “I am sorry”….. I don’t think he knew what I meant. I thought to myself, I am sorry I daydreamed in the Crow’s nest, if I just could have seen what might have struck the Rebecca and warned the crew… I am sorry, I did not see the Red Men surround us on the beach before it was too late.. I am sorry, I did not attempt to break free earlier around the Red Pool, I might have been able to save my father Jonas Abraham, a great man. And why did I not offer my life, so that I could be taken first by the Red Man Shaman, so Jonas could live and I could finally give this Damned Island what it truly wants my VERY SOUL….

As I reflect back now, some seven days after the incident, I am up in the rigging (as we have no crows nest, no place of safety), my father is dead. He last whispered words, where that “I am now a man”.. We have salvaged a make shift ship, nothing like the mighty Rebecca, but she can sail. I know in my heart, my soul became darker that day. My loss, our loss, the Captain was a great man… I vow to be like him, disciplined, focused, loyal to the crew – never leave a man behind, help those in need like he helped me these many years and be curious and explore the world….

Rest in Peace my father, my Captain.. Jonas Abram you are a great man. It was my honor to serve under your command, and my gift to be your son. My only hope is that I will make you proud and live up to your high standards and legacy.

As we approach the free town of Brigandy Bay, I can only think what adventure lies next….

Funny how things work out, I swore I had seen the last of Liam McCormic. At least that’s the way I’d planned it. But I’m lucky he showed up when he did to save my hide. He is running with quite an interesting crew – all of them outsiders except for Brachus. I think Liam has the potential to be a good captain but I’m not sure I trust his judgement completely. Still he is quite handy to have around in a pinch – what a crack shot on that giant ape.

The one I am happy to see is Brachus, though what he is doing out here on the open seas I’ve no idea. If not for his involvement I think I would bid this group farewell, but he may be able to make this whole adventure worthwhile for the lot of us. We shall see.

I may have some contacts in Brigandy Bay that would give us a good deal on supplies or possibly even a ship, but any offer we get will surely come with strings attached.


All Images from the book 50 Fathoms