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One Minute More

This is the Last Chronicle of Thorvald, the Undertaker. Ragnarok was close at hand.  The party rushed from Dublin to the Baltic States on a quest to find the way to Musspielheim, to find the tree branch that would fuel the renewal of the mechanical sun.  We wasted no time crossing the marshes and forests of […]

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Ragnarok-Session 2 Destruction of Hel’s Needle

After much traveling, the party finds what they believe to be the source of the recent undead bear problem for Evingard.  It’s a tall bone spire surrounded by several smaller altar looking things in the middle of a large crater.  Several undead bears seem to be stuck in the crater and through some clever use […]

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Session 1 – “Arrival at Evingard”

The party met in Norway and found passage to Iceland with a brief stop at Evingard.  They made some enemies…well, mostly enemies at this point and killed a few undead polar bears. Some of my players typed up an in character summary of what happened.  Here they are. SIGURD’S ACCOUNT Sigurd and Thorvald “The Undertaker” have […]

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