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Battle at Silver Oak Cathedral

Long Live Rodrik Silver Oak, heir to the Silver Oak family! Oh how cruel his death was, ambushed in a back alley by assassins, orcs, and bugbears.  He had steadfastly defended the walls of Silverthorne for months, only to be cut down the day before his brother, Kurst, arrived back in Silverthorne with help in […]

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Board Game Grand Prix

Two separate Board game Sundays have resulted in a shift in the standings. We have played the newly acquired War of kings (which by the way, is a terrific board game for anyone interested in awesome. Anyhoo, two games have been played, a hard (four player) and a six player game (ultra hard). In the […]

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Gaming Venue: Starbucks at Target in Wylie

The Target in Wylie has an amazing Starbuck area with LOTS of seating around the corner. It’s smoke free and might be an OK place to meet. It could seat 70 people I think — no joke! You just have to walk around the corner to the back where there is a long strip of […]

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