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As the Norn(GM), I like to have some amount of character background to work into the story.  So, I give my players an extra level if they type up a character background.  Here’s where those backgrounds will be posted.  New ones will be added as dwellers die and get replaced with new adventurous souls.  We all really enjoy doing these and hope you enjoy reading them.
First, an important note of what a saga is, which one of my players sent to me as a prelude to his story…
The term saga originates from the Norse saga (pl. sögur), and refers to (1) “what is said, statement” or (2) “story, tale, history”. It is cognate with the English word saw (as in old saw), and the German Sage. Icelandic sagas are based on oral traditions and much research has focused on what is real and what is fiction within each tale. Scholars once believed that these sagas were transmitted orally from generation to generation until scribes wrote them down in the 1200s. However, most scholars now believe the sagas were conscious artistic creations, based on both oral and written tradition.


RAGNAR This is the truth of what lead to Ragnar’s trial and banishment from Iceland… The Death of the Godi Bjorn  Godi Rashemon of Surt: “Do you understand your mission?” asked Rashemon “Yes,”my hired assassin answered,”but I don’t understand why.” Because Ragnar must not be in Iceland when Ragnarok comes. The prophecy must not come […]

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Grimnir “The Varangian”

GRIMNIR “THE VARANGIAN”  What remains of Grímnirs saga Þórbrandssonar is fragmentary at best.  Most of the saga takes place before the dark days of Fimbulwinter.  These years saw him grow from a young man into a seasoned warrior.  Unfortunately, most of these chapters are lost to us.    We know he adventured far afield.  From […]

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Sigurd the Rune Master

SIGURD THE RUNE MASTER The Saga of Sigurd son of Sigil, Rune master, Defender of the Weak, Bearer of “Gunthar” the spear made from the fragment of “Odin’s Spear – Gungnir”Born in Jamtaland (p33) before Fimbulwinter when Jamtaland was a wild frontier and habitable.  His birth father ÅSBJÖRN (Meaning Divine Bear) was a rune priest, he had long […]

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Thorvald, Son of Snaggi

THORVALD, SON OF SNAGGI Thorvald, son of Snaggi, son of Thorbrecht, son of Thorgeld, son of Johan, has a heavy heart and a tale of woe.I met my bride to be on a sunny June day, just after a beautiful snow, with skies as clear and blue as could be asked for. But no matter how blue […]

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