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Heroes of Arnor: Shrine of the Seven Stones

Chapter Three In March (the 25th Day of Gwaeron, T.A. 1641), the heroes receive word that the Lord Elesander’s wife Morwen has taken ill. The heroes are joined by their newest companion, a dwarf named Crom, fresh from Rivendell where also Aldin, Éothain, and Adrahil had sojourned this winter. The court’s healers can do nothing for her, […]

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D&D 5e Skill Check Best Practices

I’ve reread the 5e skill check rules and looked at adventure examples from the 5e Starter Set, as well as best practices folks have posted on the forums. Here’s my summary of skill check in my own words. Investigation versus Perception If a check relies more on reasoning than on the senses, roll Intelligence (Investigation). If the check relies […]

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Heroes of Arnor: The Two Troublesome Trolls

Chapter Two In Oct. (the 13th Day of Urui, T.A. 1640), the heroes are in Elnost and receive a summons to meet with the governer. En route to the audience, the scouts see Morwen arriving from her morning ride. She has the swiftest horse west of the Misty Mountains and rides unattended, despite the ongoing objections […]

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Middle-earth in T.A. 1640

Middle-earth Map of Arnor in T.A. 1640

Here’s my next pass at maps to use with our mid-Third Age campaign. These are formatted to print at 18×24″ using a service like (the maps have a slight bleed to give you edge-to-edge printing). Middle-earth Arnor Map (With Hexes) Middle-earth Arnor Map (No Hexes) Middle-earth Arnor Map (White, No Hexes) — Stan

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Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion — Episode 13

The Tyrannus emerges from hyperspace, and the heroes find themselves in the middle of an asteroid field. Alderaan, their destination, is nowhere to be found. In the distance, a grey moon looms. After a tractor beam snags the Tyranus, the crew realizes it is no moon! Soon the Tyrannus is aboard the Death Star. Emerging […]

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Stan’s New RPG Books

I picked up some Solomon Kane and Sundered Skies books on sale at Madness yesterday. They look so amazing! Not sure I’ll get around to running them anytime soon, but I’m happy to stockpile them for future years when opportunities arise for these campaigns. See my writeup on Sundered Skies and Solomon Kane as possible future […]

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Future Campaign Idea: Solomon Kane

1600’s Fantasy/Horror/Monster-Hunter Campaign Cut a righteous path in a world of evil! You have seen the path to redemption, a road paved in the blood and bones of the evil you must defeat to save the world from its unholy taint. Face that which preys on men’s dreams, their fears, and their very souls. Walk […]

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