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Dreadfall Episode 03: Pretech Riddles

Date: July 19, 2014 Players: Everyone was present at this game. XP: All players earned 7 XP; a few earned additional XP due to Edges or rolling 6-. At games end the players discovered what “DR” and “34D” stood for, but this only raised new questions.

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Dreadfall Episode 02: Wang’s Outpost

Date: June 21, 2014 Players: Everyone but Jeff was present at this game. XP: Players started with 10 XP. At the end of the session Jim Bob earned an extra 3 XP (1 XP but ret-conned to 3 once our rules changed). We converted from Fate over the Stan’s Apocalypse World hack called Cinematic.  

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One-shot: D&D 5e Demo Game

On July 5th we were down a few players due to the 4th of July weekend. Stan invited a friend who was interested in D&D (interest piqued by being a big Forgotten Realms fiction fan). We had three total players. Stan ran an 1e one shot from an adventure he’d written and run before. A […]

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