Thinking over systems and games that I would like to run for a group that meets all day about every 2-3 months for a sort of personal, in-home ‘con’ game, here is what I have on tap:

Classic Traveller

Setting: GDW 3rd Imperium

Adventures: Classic GDW modules such as “Twilight’s Peak” and “Deathstation”

Systems: GDW Classic Traveller


Setting: World of Redmark (Greyhawk style medieval fantasy) or Grehawk or Fritz Leiber’s Lankhmar (

Adventures: Classic 1e Modules (“U1 – Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh”, “UK4 — When a Star Falls” and “B10 – Night’s Dark Terror”) or new 5e Modules (“Legacy of the Crystal Shard” and “Tyranny of Dragons”)

Systems: Swords & Wizardry Complete (0e D&D Retroclone) or Labyrinth Lord or D&D 5e Basic Rules (free version out mid July)

TSR Star Frontiers

Setting: TSR’s Star Frontiers (see

Adventures: Classic TSR modules such as “Starspawn of Volturnus”, “Volturnus, Planet of Mystery” and “Sundown on Starmist”

Systems: TSR Star Frontiers system

Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth

Setting: Tolkien’s Middle Earth (3rd Age / LOTR era, or 4th Age after the LOTR)

Adventures: Classic ICE MERP Modules or Cubicle 7 The One Ring adventures

Systems: 1st or 2nd Edition MERP (Middle Earth Roleplaying,, or The One Ring (now in print, Cubicle 7 or D&D 5e with custom backgrounds

Star Wars

Setting: Star Wars (between Episode IV & V, or 150 years after the battle of Yavin in Episode VI)

Adventures: FFG Modules

Systems: FFG’s Edge of the Empire (

Ringworld / Known Space

Setting: Larry Niven’s Ringworld / Tales of Known Space (

Adventures: Chaosium Ringworld Modules and/or reskinned Mongoose Traveller adventures

Systems: Stars Without Number (, Classic Traveller or Chaosium Ringworld (

For my alternating Saturdays game group (who is more into modern story games), I have the following on tap:

Firefly RPG

Day After Ragnarok (Fate)

Other systems I like but don’t currently have plans to run (maybe I’ll play them in a Con game sometime):
Mouseguard (based on Burning Wheel)

Solomon Kane (Savage Worlds)

Lady Blackbird