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Heroes of Brittania One-Shot

This is a recap of a game we ran back on July 11, 2020 as a last-minute one-shot when our normal GM for that day couldn’t make the game. We used my own home-brew D6 rules with a few setting rules. Other than a brief situation that Stan the GM outlined, the scenario and setting details were developed on the fly just prior or during the game. Mason’s DicehavenCon V con game will (I think) be somewhat of a continuation of this setting, although using the ‘Wolves of God RPG  rules.

The game opens at a feast at Cyneweard, the Ealdorman of Altham, holding a feast on A.D. 791, June 18th, to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

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Using the iPad Paper App as a GM Whiteboard on Zoom

I was experimenting some more with my Paper app on my iPad to mock up how I’ll likely run my DicehavenCon V Conan game. I created a custom ‘wallpaper’ with areas to track Doom and Momentum. Using a stylus I can sketch maps, write down initiative (for games that use it; Conan actually does popcorn initiative instead), and generally keep that fast, freeform theater-of-the-mind with some rough maps GM style that I prefer. Also, with Zoom, players can mark up and annotate the map as well and move their drawing around (effectively, using tokens).

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