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Dicehaven 2020 Survey; Voting for EnWorld’s Favorite AP Podcast

As we prepare for our upcoming podcasts in 2021, we’d love to know more about you! Please help us by answering four quick questions in our quick survey.

Also, voting is now live for the next two weeks for EnWorld’s Favorite AP Podcast! We’ve been nominated, so if you like our actual play podcast, we’d love it if you could vote for us at EnWorld. (You’ll need an EnWorld account but that is quick and free to setup).

Thanks for your encouragement and support!



The One Ring & AiME News

Interesting news from a recent interview with Francesco Nepitello, author of The One Ring (TOR) and indirectly of it’s 5e derivative, Adventures in Middle-earth (AiME). As way of background,  the RPG company Free League recently acquired the license for TOR after Cubicle 7 let the license expire. People have wondered about what they will do with the Middle-earth RPG license. Here’s a video with detailed news:


  • New locations will include Eriador, Tharbad, the Grey Havens, and Rivendell
  • All new cultures
  • Conversion guides for the existing 6 cultures (eventually a supplemental book that has all the cultures in one volume)
  • Shire (starter set)
  • Moria!
  • TOR will come first, AiME second
  • Largely backward compatible (streamlining Journey rules for example)
  • Coming “early next year”
  • EDIT: The new default year is 2960 (source)

To get in on the upcoming beta, keep an eye on the Free League forum.

In other news, Andreas Lundström has a “Riddles in the Dark” TOR podcast coming up but already have two extended interviews with game designer Francesco Nepitello.



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