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Starblade Campaign Idea

I’m digging through my archives of RPG notes and ran across this paragraph — a pitch for a sci fi superheroes campaign which I never got around to running. I was a big fan of Jim Starlin’s ‘Dreadstar’ comic series back in the 1980s, and this campaign is an homage to that pulpy space opera setting. We’ll see if I ever get around to running this — I would probably use Fate or QuestWorlds as the ruleset if I did! Here’s the pitch:

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Stan’s Top Game Systems #10: PbtA

This marks the first of a 10-part series I’m doing on my favorite game systems. Game systems are a very personal choice and tastes will vary of course.

For me, I like efficient systems that resolve combat and skill checks in a reasonable amount of time and don’t require constant rules lookups or cause players to have analysis paralysis.

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Modulating Saving Throw Lethality

When you’re new to BX D&D / Old-School Essentials, the terror of saving throws (such as a save vs. poison) can be palpable.  But death isn’t the only outcome from such saving throws. Let’s take a look at some great examples of creative uses of saving throws (in this case, saves vs. poison) in the excellent The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford by Chance Dudinack.

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Using Sci-fi Skirmish Scenarios for Other Genres

While awaiting my pre-ordered copy of John Lambshead’s Sci-fi Skirmish Scenarios: Small-unit Missions For Use With Your Favourite Wargaming Rules from Amazon (I’m in the USA), I went ahead and bought a digital ePub copy from the publisher Pen and Sword in the UK.

I just skimmed through and had some early thoughts on using it not just for sci-fi games but for other genres such as historical World War II.

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