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Gushing About Gangbusters

Recently I’ve been looking at the old TSR Gangbusters RPG, and I’m really exciting about the prospect of playing and/or running in a Gangbusters campaign. I love the setting, the idea of a city-based campaign with recurring NPCs, and the Pulp Noir feel of the world. The combat rules of the original TSR game are a bit byzantine, so I am looking at other rules systems (probably one of my own invention) to use when playing the game.

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Example Questworlds Superhero: Syzygy Darklock

I’m currently playing with the upcoming QuestWorlds RPG. You can check out the free SRD of the game here. It has a really interesting narrative mechanic that dates back around 20 years. Originally it was a game called Hero Wars, then was renamed HeroQuest, and now finally renamed QuestWorlds (so as to not be confused with the HeroQuest board game of the same name). (You can also find more about QuestWorlds here and here.)

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Session Zero and Social Contracts

The notion of a Session Zero is gaining in popularity in roleplaying games, especially when starting a longer-term RPG campaign. A Session Zero is setting aside the first game of a campaign (the session before Session One) to talk about what the players and GM want and don’t want during the upcoming games. It’s a great chance to level-set expectations, find key areas of interest, surface areas of discomfort, and listen to each other in order to collectively ensure everyone involved has a great time.

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