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Starting a Superheroes Comic Book Club

On my backlog of things to do ‘someday (but not just yet!) is to start a comic book club. This article gives a bit of background on what that can be like.

I’d envision structuring it similar to the Dicehaven book club. You read several comics (maybe 6 or 12 per month?) in a selected series, then get together (in person on via Zoom) and chat about it. Maybe we’d play City of Heroes or a tabletop Supers RPG like Icons after the comic book club meeting.

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Top Skirmish Wargames for RPG Players

I’ve been on the hunt for a ‘B’ game to have handy when my normal RPG game session doesn’t have enough players for quorum, or if the GM is having a bad day and isn’t feeling like running a game. Some of us aren’t that hip on board games (me included), and wargames seem like a nice option. 

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