I’m kicking around the idea of doing a Dicehaven bookclub.

We’d select and read one novel each 4-6 weeks (schedule TBD) and meet afterwards online using Zoom to chat about the book. We could also chat asynchronously using Discord or GroupMe about the book series we are reading between Zoom sessions. 

We could either pick one series and read straight through it or maybe alternate reading books (one month reading a sci fi book, the next a fantasy book, or whatever).

The top book series I’d be interested in (open to other ideas as well):

  • Star Trek: Vanguard series (9 book Star Trek The Original Series Sci Fi, various authors)
  • Dresden Files (17 book Urban Fantasy series, by Jim Butcher)
  • The Saxon Stories / The Last Kingdom (13 book Saxon era historical series, by Bernard Cornwell)
  • Sharpe Series (24 book Napoleonic era historical series, by Bernard Cornwell)
  • Vatta’s War (5 book Traveller-style Sci Fi series, by Elizabeth Moon)
  • The Expanse (8 book Traveller-style Sci Fi series, by James S. A. Corey)
  • The Ringworld Series (9 book Sci Fi series, by Larry Niven)

There’s a great BookClubZ website and app which we could use that lets you select and manage your reading list and schedule, take polls, etc. Or maybe we just keep using GroupMe or Discord.

That’s the idea in a nutshell! I’ll connect with our Dicehaven club members to see if there is interest.