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Handy Tools for the Eclipse

Hello! Here is some info. on the Eclipse in case you will find it helpful.

Nasa has a calculator here — https://eclipse-explorer.smce.nasa.gov/ — where you can enter your ZIP code to find out the exact time range of totality in your city. For me, this is the timeline:


  • 12:24pm — Eclipse starts. Only look at sun with Eclipse glasses.
  • 1:40:01pm — Look towards the southwest about 90 seconds before totality — darkness in the distance is approaching. I will have my alarm on for this moment.
  • 1:41:31 to 1:45:19pm — About a 4 minute totality. You can now take off your glasses. You can ONLY remove your eclipse glasses during totality. The horizon on all sides will be amber, a so-called ‘360 degree sunrise’.
  • 3:03pm — Eclipse ends.

Other Notes

  • As totality approaches, temps could drop by 10-12 degrees
  • Put the phones away, they won’t be able to capture the event. Suns corona will be faint and can only be capture with overexposure and special equipment.
  • You cell phone will have the best accurate time, and this is a time-sensitive event. I’m going to set up my cell phone to alarm at the beginning of totality so I can know when I can take off my glasses, and another alarm when totality ends so I can make sure to know I should go back to wearing Eclipse glasses.
  • Shadow Bands are noticeable about 90 second before to 90 seconds after totality. If you put a white piece of cardboard or paper on the ground it will help you see it.

1/7000 Scale Star Trek Miniatures

I’ve previously posted on using 1/3788 miniatures for roleplaying games where you have only 2-3 ships on the board at any given time.

For some sort of mass warfare scenario with lots of ships, I would move over to 1/7000 scale. Some example vendors:

The ships are kind of small, but on the other hand they have built-in bases, are quick to paint, and don’t require the fine details such as the decals you’d be using with 1/3788 miniatures.

Running Dune with Fate

With the new Dune movie my interest in the setting is piqued. Here’s how I would tweak Fate to model the world of Dune’s Imperium.

TL;DR summary — these are a simple set of Fate Condensed modifications which emulate the Dune setting. It uses 2 column skills and has simple rules for Dueling and Houses.

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Stan’s 2-Column Dice Pool Fate Hack

I really like the ‘2-column skills’ approach, where you have two short list of skills (or attributes or approaches), and you select a skill from each list and add them together. You see this a lot in games from Modiphius. For example, the Star Trek Adventures RPG has 6 Attributes and 6 Disciplines, and the Dune RPG has 5 Drives and 5 Skills.

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