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Play Consistently with Same-Universe Tabletop RPG B-Campaigns

One problem I’ve tried to tackle several times over the years is what to do when you aren’t able to play your normal ongoing tabletop RPG campaign game, but you still have players who want to play. We’ve tried a few things in the past that haven’t really worked out to be a consistent, well-received solution to this problem. I’ll review several options and show what we’ve decided is our group’s best solution to this problem.

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Stan’s Top Game Systems #8: D&D 5e

This is the third of a 10-part series I’m doing on my favorite game systems.

My 8th favorite game system is the latest edition of the world’s oldest roleplaying game: D&D. It’s also the most popular RPG in history right now (at least in terms of a raw number of players; it would be interesting to normalize the data for the population of the 1980s since to see if on a per capita basis that was still true).

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