Hello there! This page has some resources for my 2024 Blake’s 7 NTRPGCon Game. See below for the rules (based on my homebrew Cinematic™ rpg system). I will also be adding the pregenerated characters for the game closer to the con date.

Here is the game description:

Blake’s 7: The Erythrian Enigma

In the vast reaches of the galaxy, the crew of the Liberator, led by the charismatic Roj Blake, find themselves stranded on an unknown planet after a devastating ambush by the Terran Federation. Can Blake and his allies survive the perils ahead?

The game will take place between season 1 and season 2 of Blake’s 7. You will play canon characters from the TV show.  The game will use the fast and flexible Cinematic™ rpg system rules. Download the rules here.