Star Wars D6 1eGame Overview

You and your companions play heroes during the time of The High Republic Era, 232 years before Star Wars Episode IV. The Galactic Republic is at its height, but you must deal with dark forces who threaten the peace.

This game will tie into the new series of Star Wars: The High Republic books debuting in January, 2021. Check back before Doxacon in November for additional details on the game.

This game will use the beloved 1987 “Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game” rules plus some house rules to bring it up to modern sensibilities. Pre-generated characters and a digital copy of the key rules will be provided prior to the game. No experience needed; we will teach you everything you need to play the game!

Game Registration

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  • Date and Time: Nov. 6,  2020, 2:00-6:00pm EST.
  • Gamemaster: Stan Shinn
  • Venue: Online using Zoom (link and details to be shared prior to game day)
  • Maximum Players: 5 players

About Stan Shinn

Stan Shinn

Stan Shinn

Stan has been playing tabletop RPGs since 1978 when his first character survived all of 90 minutes before dying in a fiendish dungeon trap. He’s been hooked on roleplaying ever since!

Stan is a former US Southwest D&D Adventurer’s League Coordinator for 5th edition games, founder of the 2,000 member DFW Roleplayers group, author of several free indie RPGs, and creator of several commercial RPG products including the retro-game Dungeonesque featured on EnWorld.

Currently, Stan blogs about games at Listen in to Stan’s actual play podcast (currently playing the Traveller RPG) at

Stan is an Eastern Orthodox Christian who worships at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Dallas, Texas.

Star Wars: The High Republic

Star Wars: The High Republic